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RFST v2.4.1

posted Feb 16, 2012, 10:05 AM by Ken Hunt
Fixed the bug in RF Signal Tracker which occurred when a user tried exporting data to a KML file but where the data contained areas of "no signal". One of the things I decided to do on an earlier version was set the received signal strength indication to -200 dBm when the mobile had not signal -- it was showing +85 dBm which I never understood, and which said the exact opposite of what was happening. The only problem hear is that the routine that figures the color of the RSSI dots has to convert that rssi number into hexidecimal format to be used in the KML's XML file. Long story short, that -200 dBm cause an array index out of bounds error (which was being caught!) and that caused the KML export to fail (the files had a size of zero). The fix was a one liner.

My other bug fix was trying to eliminate outliers in the recorded playback. These are momentary jumps in the observed mobile position cause by hic-cups in the GPS (I assume) that would place the mobile hundreds or thousands of meters away for one instance. The problem here was that it completely threw off the sector coverage definitions being drawn. What I did was add an option feature (turned on/off in the preferences) that basically tracks the speed of the mobile from point-to-point. If the mobile suddenly jumps to 100+ mph then I know it's a glitch and can be skipped (nobody drive tests at 100mph). The result should be better sector definitions.