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PlaylistAlarm...where's the love?

posted Feb 16, 2012, 9:48 AM by Ken Hunt
I have actually started reworking the PlaylistAlarm. This is, hands down, my most complex app, but I have neglected it for some time now. Since getting my Samsung Galaxy S2 I have really been bad about this fix. My last phone was the Nexus One which had a dock plugged into a speaker on my night stand, so waking up through that was quite pleasant. Now, I just have the S2 which, good as it is, sounds a little tinny in the mornings (I need to pair it with the speaker which has bluetooth, but it never sticks).

I also want to redo the interface (this is a desire for all my apps, actually). I understand the interface is confusing and probably not too intuitive -- hey, I'm an engineer -- but learning how to build smoother, cleaner front-ends in Android is not the easy job it may seem. Just trying to position things is like pulling teeth. But I am working on it! Hell, I'll even put this up in the How To when I learn it. So far I've added tabs, which helps a lot, but it doesn't "pop" yet.