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The Federalist Papers

Initial Release January 2011
Latest version: 1.0.7, February 2012

The Federalist Papers would have been a natural choice for inclusion in the American DNA section of the United States Constitution app found in the Android Market. I did not nclude it because it would have doubled the size of the that app and I want to maintain a little size discipline, so to speak. So after many request I created The Federalist Papers. It's not annotated like the Constitution, but it does contain a search feature which should make personal analysis a little easier. I'll be making improvements as I go of course, so for now enjoy! 

Latest News:

Working on fixing the text selection bug. Pondering whether to add bookmarks.


This application can be found in the Android Market under "Books & Reference":

Version history:

v1.0.7   Fixed bug found in text selection which caused page to change. Added feature to share selections.

v1.0.6   Bug fix causing crash on startup in tablets caused by fast scroll tab.

v1.0.5   Expanded scale of text resizing.

v1.0.4   Text resizing added.

v1.0.3   After many complaints of it being distracting, have removed the visible swipe gesture. Added 'swipe finger to navigate' message. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

v1.0.2   Added dates of papers to item list and adjusted position of dates in the paper headers.  Improved search results. Your last search results are now persistent.

v1.0.1   Added swipe gestures to navigation (replacing the recently added nav buttons). You can now navigate through the articles by swiping your finger left or right.

v1.0.0   Initial build