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The British Monarchy

Initial Release: November 2009
Latest update: v1.0.13, October 2011

Ok, I have to admit something...I'm an Anglophile. Maybe that's not the right word here since 
I'm actually more a fan of the UK (that's the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
thank you very much!) And what is the best symbol of Britain (at least one of them)? Why The Monarchy 
of course. I think what I find most fascinating is a family that can trace its line back for over 1,000 

So I give to you this Android version of the Official History of the British Monarchy. This is a 
self-contained version of the website maintained by The Royal Household.<br><br>


Latest News:

Just like with the Constitution app, I didn't see the problem with the screen formatting and navigation on tables and phones without trackballs or D-pads. This has been corrected and the active installs and showing improvement. I still hope to one day figure out how to add pictures.


This application can be found in the Android Marketplace under "Books & Reference".

Version history:

v1.0.13  Expanded the text resizing range.

v1.0.12  Text resizing added.

v1.0.11  Minor fixes including a 'swipe finger to navigate' message at the bottom of the text screen.

v1.0.10  Search results are now persistent.

v1.0.9   Added swipe gestures to navigation (replacing the recently added nav buttons). You can now navigate through the monarchs by swiping your finger left or right.

v1.0.8   Added a 'One moment please' message to the search screen.

v1.0.7   Included navigation buttons for those devices which do not have a dedicated trackball or d-pad. Also changed the minimum OS version of the app to 1.6 so it can be run and properly formatted on the Galaxy Tablet.

v1.0.6   Search bug discovered. If the user selected \'No match found for...\' an error was throw and not caught. Fixed.

v1.0.5   Fixed bug causing crash when app is started in landscape mode.

v1.0.3   This update will only effect Android 2.2 (Froyo) and higher users.
Added capability to move app to the sd card.

v1.0.2   Fixed bug where punctuation was not showing in text.

v1.0.1   Minor bug fixes and content addition.

v1.0.0   Initial build.