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Playlist Alarm

Initial Release: March 2010

Ever have your clock radio wake you up and it just happened to be playing that song you love? Then this is the app for you.

This application was built for those who hate being awakened by a harsh buzzer, annoying DJs, depressing news or radio commercials. It lets you select a list of songs that YOU would like to wake up to. Unlike the built in Android alarm, this app won't just play one song and quit -- it will play all the songs you could want (or hold on your SD card), and will keep playing them as long as you like. This app is great for travelers or anyone else who prefers to be awakened in a civilized manner.

Latest News:

Just finished a long series of bug fixes. I had to remove the App2SD feature (move the app to the sd card). It turns out that if stored on the sd card the alarms will not re-initialize if the phone is rebooted. I shouldn't have put it there in the first place actually...live and learn. Added a much requested "Fade In" feature so the music comes on softly. Also added progress bars to let the user know the app hasn't frozen during certain operations.

Known Issues and Future Improvements:

On my Nexus One I don't get the final alarm beep when I set it. The music will just stop playing. I thought this was fixed by eliminating the App2SD feature, but no joy. This has been plaguing me for months and happens whether it is in the dock or just plugged into the charger. Need a new interface I think. Something a little better organized.


This application can be found in the Android Marketplace under "Lifestyle".


To use the Playlist Alarm you need to build a list of songs, set a launch time - including the days of the week - and turn on the alarm. To do this, follow these steps: 

1. Click the "Playlist" item then select "[Create playlist]" from the popup dialog and enter a playlist name.

2. You will then see a list of all the songs stored on your SD card. Give any song you wish to add a long press, select "Add to playlist" then "Current 
playlist". Repeat this for all the songs you wish to add to your list.

3. When you have completed your list, hit the back button to return to the main screen. Press the Alarm time item and set your alarm time. Select Alarm days-of-week to assign your playlist to a specific day of the week. Check the Alarm state checkbox and Playlist Alarm is ready! Exit the application.

To stop music playback after the alarm has fired simply launch Playlist Alarm and music playback will stop (you can also launch by pulling down the notification curtain and selecting Playlist Alarm). If the playlist starts while you are in the app, then scroll to the bottom of the main screen and press "Stop playback".

To turn the playlist off (so the music will not sound), just uncheck the "Alarm state" checkbox.

Another way to define a playlist:

1. Click the menu button and select Songs.

2. When the list of songs on the SD card appears, long press the song you wish to add, select Add to playlist and then New. Enter the name of the new playlist and click Ok. If another playlist exist, you can select it and the song will be added to that playlist. The playlist that is created or selected always becomes the \'current playlist profile\'. The app will only play the current playlist profile for today, and there can only be one profile for a given day of the week.

You can hear a song by giving it a short press. Give it another short press to stop playback.

To add all the songs on the SD card to a playlist, click the Menu button, select Playlists then long press the playlist you want to add all the songs to. Select Add all songs to playlist and all the songs on the SD card will be added to your playlist (Note: the actual music files remain on the SD card and are not duplicated).  

You can delete a playlist by long pressing that list item and follow the prompt. If you want to delete a song in a playlist give the playlist a short press, then long press the song you want to delete and follow the prompt. The song will be deleted from the playlist only, not the SD card. The app cannot delete music files.

Playlist Alarm was built under the assumption that your phone would be on a charger next to you while you sleep. But if not, if it runs unplugged, it has a fail-safe feature that will stop playback once the battery level drops  below a user selected percentage. Select the Current battery level item on the main screen and follow the prompt. The absolute minimum battery level allowed is 20 percent. This condition will apply no matter what Auto Stop option you choose. You can also set the app to automatically stop playback after anywhere from 10 minutes to Never by selecting the Auto stop music after item.


You can assign one playlist to each day of the week, or you can create a different playlist for each weekday. You can have as many playlist as you like, but no more than seven different playlist can be active at one time (one for each day of the week). If you set more then one playlist for a given day, then the last playlist to be set takes precedence.

Alarm time
The time of day the alarm will launch the playlist of music.

Alarm days-of-week
Select the day(s) of the week this playlist will sound on. You can set any playlist to any day of the week. Note ~ it is possible to assign different playlist to the same day of the week, but only the last playlist assigned will be active.

Alarm state
You can assign a playlist and the days of the week it\'s to sound on, but you don\'t turn on the alarm it won't sound.

Shuffle Songs
Songs get shuffled randomly if checked, or are played in the order in which they were added if unchecked.

Auto stop music after
Playback will stop after 10 minutes to 2 hours, or never. The 'Never' setting is for people (like myself) that like to lay in bed and listen to the music while they think about getting up...

Music will fade in at startup.

Current battery level
While not on the charger, if the battery level drops below the level you set, Playlist Alarm will stop to save the battery. This safety feature is ALWAYS on and cannot be turned off. The absolute minimum level is 20 percent. What this means is no matter what, the app will shutdown if the battery level drops below 20 percent if you are not on a charger.

Music volume
Music will be set to this sound level when playback starts. This insures you will not be jolted awake by the music when it starts...unless you want that.

Add a beep or buzz...
If you decide to use a conventional 'beep' or 'buzzer' type alarm in addition to the music playback, what sound would you want? This is where you set that alarm sound. This was added for those people who may still need that extra ummmph. 

Set 'beep' behavior
If you have selected a 'beep' type alarm in addition to the music, where do you want that alarm to sound? You can have it sound when the playback starts, when it ends, once when it plays and once when it ends, 10-minutes before it ends, or randomly. Setting the Alarm Action to 'Never' will prevent any alarm from sounding with the music playback.

Alarm in silent mode
If set, even if the phone is in silent mode, the alarm will sound normally. If the phone was in silent mode it will be returned to that mode when the app exits or is stopped.

Sleep timer
Let yourself fall asleep to the music of your alarm. Music will play for the amount of time you select and then stop. Using the sleep timer will not effect your wakeup alarm.

Shake Off!
This option lets you end the music by picking the phone up and shaking it. This is great if you are half asleep, want the music to stop, but don't want to move your head from underneath the pillow.

Stop playback!
End music playback. Normally, starting the app will automatically stop music playback, but if the app is running when the playback starts this will stop it.

Version history

v1.1.7   Removed the 'Move to SD card' feature -- app will not function properly if on the card. Added an indeterminate progress bar to the playlist copy function so users don't think app froze. Fixed bug in alarm assignments which caused disabled alarms to keep sounding. Fixed bug which showed empty list after adding all songs to a playlist. Added music fade-in function so music starts softly and increases in volume.

v1.1.6   Fixed a little bug with the sleep timer activation. App approved for all screen sizes.

v1.1.5   Option to stop music playback by shaking the phone.

v1.1.4   Fixed minor cursor error during database query. Discovered and fixed rare Force Close problem caused by songs with odd characters in the name such as '#1 Crush' by Garbage. Added index letter display during FastScroll.

v1.1.3   Improved sd card media scan for faster song loading. Songs selected for play will now stay on screen rather the entire list resetting to the top. Implemented FastScrollView which allows quicker navigation of song lists.

v1.1.2   Fixed bug which prevented sleeptimer from working if no playlist has been set for the current day of the week. Changed some of the wording on profile definitions on the main screen. Added indicator on the 'Songs' screen to show the song currently playing. Fixed notification that tells user when the next alarm will sound. Other general bug fixes.

v1.1.1   Discovered bug that would not let you turn off a profile from the main screen (you could still do so from the 'Profiles' screen). Fixed. Added new feature to copy a playlist. From the 'Playlist' screen long press a profile and select 'Copy playlist'. You can then modify it to suit your needs.

v1.1.0   Expanded application to allow for separate alarm profiles for each day of the week. So now if you only want it to sound during weekdays, this will work for you. Several other minor bug and typo fixes. A new main menu item was added called \'Profiles\' which lets you view profile assignments for each day of the week. In this screen you can change profile assignments or remove them entirely for a given day of the week.

v1.0.4   Fixed bug which caused alarm to sound immediately after phone powers up. If the alarm was set to sound less than 24-hours ago the app assumed the alarm had been missed and fired. App now pushes alarm time forward to next sounding period after power up.

v1.0.3   Application will no longer shut down if it is below the users minimum battery level setting, but on AC power.

v1.0.2   Added sleep timer

v1.0.1   Added titles to user messages

v1.0.0   Initial build