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United States Constitution

Initial Release: September 2009
Latest update: v2.0.3, December 2016

This application is for all you constitution geeks. I wanted something that was easier to navigate then other applications I've seen, had a real table of contents broken down by articles, sections and amendments, didn't treat the first ten amendments like one giant inseparable document, was searchable, and contained other related documents, ideas, and trivia like the Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address, The Virginia Plan, The Great Compromise, ratification dates, and anything else I could think of that floats in that new Constellation of Liberty the Framers were shooting for two centuries ago.


• Easy navigation with the constitution divided by article and section
Search feature for all documents
Annotation throughout explaining in layman's terms the document's meaning
Constitutional trivia such as failed amendments and typos and timelines
Declaration of Independence
The Gettysburg Address
Articles of Confederation
Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death!" speech
Much, much more!

Latest News:

Refactored the code for the app. I am sooooo glad I finally did this! This app was my first -- my baby -- and not all the initial design decisions were the greatest! So I sat down and rewrote the backend from scratch (more or less). I started by reorganizing the string.xml and then how the code interacts with the file. It was like night and day. The cool thing was that by starting with a well thought out base, I was able to build (easily) on top of that. The bookmark feature which took about 2-3 weeks to write originally, only took half a day this time (using all new code) because I wasn't fighting earlier, bad, design decisions. Also, now the search feature looks in ALL documents!

Articles with helpful descriptions Drill down to distinct sections Annotated amendments
Lots of Constitution trivia! Search the body of text Switch background colors

Please note that I did not write this, but gathered the text, notes, and annotations from a variety of sources, but mostly Steve Mount's www.usconstitution.net (best constitution site on the web). I just wanted a handy, self-contained reference to the US Constitution.

Navigation thru sections of the Constitution or Articles of Confederation is done by swiping your finger left or right across the screen.


This application can be found in the Android Marketplace under "Books & Reference".

Version history:

v2.0.3  Code clean up for Android M. Fixed hyperlinks. Moved the signatories item from the appendix to the constitution group.

v2.0.1  Minor updates. Removed the link to www.constitution.net in the help section since it seems to have gone away.

v2.0.0  Complete refactoring of the code behind the app. Navigation bugs eliminated. Text search has been expanded.

v1.1.18  Typo correction! Misspelled 'Independence' as 'Independance' in the title bar of the Declaration of 
Independence. Fixed an annoying Force Close error while looking at the Preamble.

v1.1.17  Added bookmarks! Tap the bookmark icon in the upper right corner to create. Go to Menu > Bookmark to recall 
bookmarks. Signatories are scrollable in the order found in the Signatories section of the app. The Presidential Succession 
Act of 1947 added to the 25th Amendment (see the notes at the bottom). Constitutional FAQ from the National Archives 
added to the constitutional appendix. Comments and Feedback can now be sent directly from app, just go to 
Menu > About > Comments and Feedback

v1.1.16  Reduced the minimum font size for for higher resolution screens. Added section clause numbers to the constitution text.

v1.1.15  Fixed bug returning user to Articles reguardless of where they were. Choosing text selection turns off finger swipe 
function temporarily allowing users to correctly select text. Share your text selections with Twitter, Facebook, Email, whoever!

v1.1.14  Text resizing implemented.

v1.1.13  Typo fix in Amendment III annotation link. Added 'Home' button for easier navigation to the top of the app. Added 
Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.

v1.1.12  After many complaints of it being distracting, have removed the visible swipe gesture. Added 'swipe finger to navigate' 
message. Minor bug fixes.

v1.1.11  Search results are now persistent. When you go to the search screen your last search results are displayed saving you 
the hassle of re-typing the search topic.

v1.1.10   Added swipe gestures to navigation (replacing the recently added nav buttons). You can now navigate through the 
articles and amendments by swiping your finger left or right.

v1.1.9   Added a 'One moment please...' message box to the search screen to let the user know the app is working. Virtual 
keyboard now hides after starting search.

v1.1.8   Fixed problems with formatting on the new Galaxy Tablets and navigation in phones without a trackball or D-pad like 
the Galaxy S. Android 1.6 is now the minimum OS level.

v1.1.7   Bug found in Articles of Confederation search and with the selection of 'Signatories' or 'Articles vs. Constitution' items. Fixed.

v1.1.6   Search bug discovered. If the user selected 'No match found for...' an error was throw and not caught. Fixed.

v1.1.5   Article 2, Section 2, paragraph 3 was missing, added. -- apologies to all.  Added the ratification documents of each of 
the original 13 states. Look for the state ratifications under Constitution Timeline.

v1.1.4   This update effects only Android 2.2 (Froyo) and higher users. Users can now move the app to the SD card.

v1.1.3   Included Patrick Henry's liberty or death speech, found and fixed a bug in the background color selector, and some tweaks.

v1.1.2   Using gradient coloring in the display headers.

v1.1.1   Reformated the screens to give it a more organized look. Brought the 'Freedom Fries!' documents to the main screen 
and renamed it 'American DNA'. Added Copy and Paste! Press Menu and 'Select Text', select the piece of text you want and it 
will be copied to the clipboard. User selectable background color (black or white) added to Menu. Fixed lack of spaces in 
Emancipation Proclamation as well as the problem of odd characters scattered throughout the documents. Lots of little bug fixes.

v1.1.0   Extended document search to Articles of Confederation. Fixed hyperlinks to amendments from within body of Constitution.

v1.0.12  Added preamble to the Bill of Rights...who knew there was one!? Not me! Thanks Mark.

v1.0.11  Minor text fixes. Replaced 2nd amendment notes.

v1.0.10  Fixed links between Governor Morris and Robert Morris.

v1.0.9   Included the Articles of Confederation; More minor fixes.

v1.0.8   Tweeked the signers in the DofI and added some history.

v1.0.7   Added selection feedback to listview's

v1.0.6   Hooked up cancel button in search.

v1.0.5   Search can be launched from the phone's search button (if equipped).

v1.0.4   Fixed grammatical and html errors.

v1.0.3   Lost signed key and had to create new project name; fixed my typos (kept Framers typos).

v1.0.2   Navigation and link fixes. New icon.

v1.0.1   Minor bug fixes and content addition.

v1.0.0   Initial build.