I recently made changes to my Android apps "United States Constitution", "The Federalist Papers" and "The British Monarchy" that required changing the minimum OS version needed to run the programs to 1.6 (Donut).


I did this because, at the time, less than 5% of Android users still run version 1.5 (Cupcake), and the improvements done (adding gestures) greatly enhanced navigation. Unfortunately, this meant some of you who's phones have not been (and apparently will not be) upgraded cannot use these apps.


Below are links to the pre-Donut version of the apps in my public Dropbox folder. If you click the links below it should download directly to the root (top) directory of your sd card or internal memory on your phone. If you download the file to your computer start at step (1) in the instructions below. If you download directly to your phone start at step (4).


You will need to check "Unknown sources" in your application settings before installing any app outside of the Android Market. Goto Menu -> Settings -> Applications, and check the item "Unknown sources".


Installation instructions:

1.     Connect the phone to a USB port on the computer, drag down the notification bar on the phone and click the item that says "USB connected" (or something to that effect) and follow the prompts.

2.     Once the phone is connected it will appear as a new drive in File manager on your computer. Copy the .apk file to the root directory of that new drive.

3.     On your phone, click the button that says, "Turn off USB storage" (again, the wording may be a little different on your phone), and eject that drive in file manager to safely remove it.

4.     If you do not already have an installer app, go to the Market and download one. I use Installer by Rythm Software. Launch that app, select the .apk in the root directory and install.


Android v1.5 (Cupcake) ready apps: