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Ken Hunt is an engineer (for real) and a developer (for fun) living in the Pacific Northwest but who's roots are in the Wild Wild Mid-Atlantic region (America...not the ocean) -- is this wonderfully vague enough? The idea of this site is to explain a little more about the apps I have built, how to use them. and reasons for building them.

You can email me directly about any app at Type1apps@gmail.com. I can also be found on Twitter @BugHunt, and Google+ (Ken Hunt, Type1apps).

The slide show above is the Mustang Round-Up at Bowen-Scarff Ford in Kent, WA. This was pretty cool (never been to a Ford or Mustang show before this. The slide to the right is the last Northwest Vintage VW meet. Yes, I'm a bit of a car guy...not a massive, huge, over-the-top one like Jay Leno, but a pretty good one.

Fun fact: The Volkswagen Beetle is officially known as a Type 1.

Northwest Vintage VW Meet '11

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