Rajdeep Dua, Google

Rajdeep works on the Google Developer Relations team as a Developer Advocate for Android and Google App Engine. He has around 12 years of experience in the middleware, web services and integration space. Before joining Google, he was leading development efforts for CSF (Connected Services Framework) initiative at Microsoft. He has also been associated with JBoss JMS open source development in the past. Rajdeep holds an MBA from IIM Lucknow, India.


Anirudh Dewani, Google

Anirudh is a Developer Programs Engineer for Android and helps developers build compelling apps for the Android platform. In the past, Anirudh helped enterprises and developers integrate with Google's cloud offerings like Google Apps and Google App Engine. Before joining Google, Anirudh worked as an architecture consultant, designer, developer and performance engineer for Unisys and NTT Data Corporation.