ADL - Building excellent Android apps

In this ADL, we'll guide you through best practices to build high-quality phone and tablet apps for Android.  Specifically, we will cover:
  • Latest in Android technologies
  • Market cloud services
  • Designing polished and immersive user experiences
  • Building rich apps for phones and tablets with a single code base
Please note, this event is for experienced Android developers with existing applications in Android Market.  In order to process your registration, we require you to include the package name of your best application currently published in Android Market.  If you have not yet published an app, you can still register but preference will be given to those who have already published apps.

  • Laptop with the Eclipse & Android SDK (API 15) installed and configured.
  • Android device for debugging - could be a phone or tablet, both would be preferable.
  • Solid understanding of Android fundamentals - activities, layouts, app life cycle, etc.

Seating is limited, not all registrants will be confirmed attendees.  Confirmation emails will be delivered up to 48 hours before the event.

Please visit the individual event pages to register:

 Melbourne 31 Jan 2012Click to register
 Sydney 3 Feb 2012
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 Auckland  8 Feb 2012 Click to register