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Alpha Eval Eval

Team members will be provided the Alpha Release Evaluations that were completed by their peers.  They are to complete the following three components using the example/template provided below (DefectsExamples.xls):

1. Combine all defects into a common list.  Defects should be categorized as one of the following:
Feature Request

Defects should also indicate which reviewers discovered them.  Also indicate the defect that you deliberately injected in your app.

2. For each reviewer, tally how many defects were discovered total, and how many defects were only discovered by that reviewer.  

3. Estimate the number of remaining undiscovered defects using capture-mark-recapture.  To do this, use only the defects from the two reviewers who found the most defects.  Then use the following:
Reviewer A detected NA defects
Reviewer B detected NB defects
NC represents defects found by both reviewer A and B
Estimate the number of undiscovered defects with the following equation:
  (NA * NB)/ NC – (NA + NB - NC)

4. Upload your completed spreadsheet to the digital dropbox in Blackboard (one per team).

Grading Rubric: 18 points total
Section 1 (defect list):
10 points if all defects from reviewers are reasonably included and classified
8 points if minor issues found (e.g. one missing defect or finding reviewer missing)
3 points if major issues found (e.g. multiple missing defects)
0 points if severe issues found or not completed

Section 2 (reviewer tally):
5 points if all reviewer tallies are correct
3 points if minor issues (e.g. off by one)
0 points if major issues

Section 3 (estimate):
3 points if all calculations are correct
2 points if minor issues (e.g. off by one)
0 points otherwise
David Janzen,
May 13, 2010, 2:23 PM