Who are we and what do we want to do?
    We are a team of students and teacher form the Faculty of Automation , Computers and Electronics in Romainia , Craiova who decided to start developing android application for different purposes.
Our current project is an android card game that simulates a real life card pack.

What is Android Card Game?
    This game is an application that turns your smartphone into a card pack to play the implemented card games through a local connection.
Think of it as a pocket card pack that you can use wherever there is a router.

What dose it offer and why it deserves a shot on the market?
    The application offers an interactive card game that is well known and since almost every person has a smartphone the application will have a large user variety.
The reasons the application can be a hit are that there isn't such an app developed until now and then posibility to make it free with adds could make it a money maker.

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