Buzy is an Android application that automatically turns your phone's ringer off when you are busy. It determines whether or not you are busy by checking your Google-based calendar.


  • Selective calendar polling - choose all of your calendars or just a few
  • Smart calendar polling to conserve battery
  • Ringer can be set to vibrate or silence when you are busy
  • Configurable options for "All day" events and events that "Show me as: Available"



Cost and Support

Buzy is free to use. The developers are graduate students with limited time and income. If you find the application useful, that's great! Please contact us.  If you have trouble, please contact us. We can probably fix it. If you are grumpy, please don't contact us. Just go watch this laughing baby.


Buzy can be found in the Android Market. If you have a barcode scanner on your Android phone, scan the following barcode to be directed to Buzy's home in the Android Market.

Who Created Buzy?

Buzy was created by Dannie Stanley and Michael McFail. Dannie and Michael are graduate students in the Department of Computer Science at Purdue University. They created the application after being inspired by a course offered by Dr. Jan Vitek titled Embedded Computer Systems.