Freeze-able Bloatware on Android Phone

<apk name><package name>RemoveDescription settings to Google servers. Needed for Gmail app notifications. System Launcher. Only remove if you have a second replacement home. the list of applications installed on the phone to provide search suggestions. app[1]Google Books application Browser

PLEASE NOTE: This is apparently a hard-coded requirement for Google Voice Search (along with Talk and Voice); without it, Voice Search will FC after recognizing speech. Having Dolphin, etc., installed will not work. app app / widget sync app[1]Car Dock Search?[1]Car Dock Launcher? Certificate Installer. When removed, the WIFI will not be turned on (Automatically turned off).[1]Send links from Chrome to phone
CMParts.apkcom.cyanogenmod.cmpartsyesCyanogenMod Settings. Will FC if you try and access settings and this is not installed.
CMPartsHelper.apkcom.cyanogenmod.cmpartshelperyesCMParts Helper?
CMStats.apkcom.cyanogenmod.statsyesCyanogenMod anonymous statistics reporting service. Safe to remove, but will FC CMParts (CyanogenMod Settings) if you try and select the configuration options if it's not installed. (CMParts can be decompiled and edited to remove the menu options, but it's merely a cosmetic issue).
CMUpdateNotify.apkcom.cyanogenmod.updatenotifyyesCyanogenMod Update Notifications. Safe to remove, but will FC CMParts (CyanogenMod Settings) if you try and select the configuration options if it's not installed. (CMParts can be decompiled and edited to remove the menu options, but it's merely a cosmetic issue).
CMWallpapers.apkcom.cyanogenmod.CMWallpapersyesDefault CyanogenMod wallpapers.[1]App that links to Amazon .mp3 store. app; the Call log, Contacts and Favorites screens sync to install apps. and Alarm app app downloading files (Market, Browser, etc) DRM functions, needed to access media files (including ringtones) Sound Processing email client
Facebook.apkcom.facebook.katanayes[1]Facebook app
FileManager.apkorg.openintents.filemanageryesIOFilemanager app Killer
Gallery3D.apkcom.cooliris.mediayes3D Photo Gallery[1]News and Weather Widget[1]Gmail app[1]Backup Mechanism for apps and settings?[1]Calendar sync[1]Contacts sync[1]ForceClose reporting[1]Google Goggles app[1] ???[1]Google search box[1]Provides account / login information to Google Apps[1]Google Voice "HTC Copyright" info in the Legal Information of the About Phone dialog. Useless and safe to delete. uses this for a connection to a Microsoft Exchange email server. Without it a connection to Exchange 2007/2010 will not work as the exchange device policy is not accepted. An Exchange administrator can configure the policy to allow/disallow features and functions on the device. In case of loss or theft the device can be reset to factory default remotely to prevent unauthorized acces. Radio settings, probably better to leave alone but otherwise safe to delete by browser.apk to filter HTML. ??? Doesn't seem to be needed.[1]Gives haptic feedback for some apps (accessibility menu option) keyboard[1]Tutorial for on-screen keyboard Wallpaper Selector[1]Google Maps. Froyo depends on this apk, along with its associated dependencies (,, in order to access copy protected apps in the Android market.[1]Updates app list / download list in market? Needed by Vending.apk to access media files (including ringtones)[1]Share media from the Gallery with MMS, Bluetooth, Email, Picasa sms and mms (text) services Player (and "Video" Player)[1]Provides network (cell) location (as opposed to GPS location)[1]Runs on first boot. Conflicts with google app "Provision.apk". to manually install apks (i.e. non-market apks)[1]Allows Email/Gmail apps to open attachments app; Dialer screen
PicoTts.apkcom.svox.picoyesText to speech. From SD data?'protips' widget*Runs on first boot. Conflicts with google app "SetupWizard.apk". Okay to delete if loading the gapps zip.
yesSearch box? Need for search in Phone app.
RomManager.apkcom.koushikdutta.rommanageryesRom Manager App settings menu sync?[1]Setup Wizard when you first use your phone.[1]sound feedback (accessibility option) Recorder app 'settings' menu audio samples to test speech recognition Tool Kit; Required if you use SIM applications (like authenticatino, banking, PKI etc)[1]Streetview for Google maps 'su' settings of the system UI.[1]Google Talk[1]voice feedback (accessibility option) sync? access to terminal
ThemeChooser.apkcom.tmobile.themechooseryesPart of the T-Mobile theming app
ThemeManager.apkcom.tmobile.thememanageryesPart of the T-Mobile theming app
Torch.apknet.cactii.flash2yesLED Flashlight
TtsService.apkandroid.ttsyes[1]Text to Speech. Needed by Google Navigator from Google Maps v5+. Otherwise, safe to remove.
Twitter.apkcom.twitter.androidyes[1]Native Twitter client for LatinIME(keyboard) / Needed for LatinIME.apk to function[1]Market app dialer app[1]Voice Search for Google Search, Google Maps, etc Private Network app[1]YouTube player

[1] NOTE: These are Google apps & are safe to remove as far as phone stability is concerned. Might break other Google apps if removed.