Coming Soon!!!!

*Simple version that takes little space (won't have fancy sounds and images)

*Edit each audio for buttons to cut out any blank spots (will save space and make each sound quicker)

*Add more preferences - possibilities include change wallpaper to simple version, change all text size, help, disable sounds)

*Remove the TextViews between buttons on the main screen and replace the spaces with padding from the buttons directly

*Add more animations to the overview page

*Further include shadows into many more areas

*Long press each button to get options for copy, share, select, more...

*Include a share action provider

*Decrease line spacing on copy text TextView

*Renaming all variables to be more specific to the current activity

*Set all Holidays and Others to have an in focus and on touch graphic

*In Holidays and Others when the button is clicked change text to "Loading..."

*Make tv2 a one line text

*Make a nice animation for the Splash Screen

*Within the about menu option include a change log for all versions of the app


What I may incorporate...

*Release of a new reworked app called Text Emoticons (or similar)

*Switch from layout buttons to tabs in selecting each layout option (should make the app much faster and easier to use)

*Rework the onClick listeners to a different method

*Switch from layout buttons to spinner with share, help, and settings next to it

*Add pickers

*Add pop-ups

*Add pictures to buttons on main screen

*Make the main page a grid list

*Include transitional changes into the animation preference

*Invoke my own custom scrolling everywhere

*Add widgets

*Add shortcuts to each Activity

*Add a live wallpaper

*Add a search for an emoticon

*Expand the Overview to allow a user to click on each smiley face to display all the information on a new page (will take a lot of work, but hopefully it will be worth it)

*Directly text from the app

*Change every page description from x faces to just x

*Add a SlidingDrawer to slide up alternate forms buttons in Layout 3

*Enable hardware acceleration by default

*In all overview pages include the layout buttons in ScrollView

*Finish animations of clicking buttons and launching pages (currently only enabled in opening of Smiley Faces Layout One and the top left and right button in Smiley Faces Layout One)

*Add a third color to the expanding color animation to 'blur the lines'

*Make the Easter Egg animation change faster and smoother

*Make each page scroll down to the EditText when a button is clicked in Android 3.x+

*Add three different resolutions for resources: high resolution, medium resolution, low resolution to load faster and take less space on phones with lower screen resolutions

Updates Galore!!!

Version 5.2 - Valentines Day

:@) Added Valentines Day page!

8-X Menu options and reworked help page are now accessible everywhere in the app!

~:> About developer has been completely revamped to include more information, links to more apps, and a shortcut to the website

b-( When pressing the Splash Screen to the Main Page, it no longer launches the Main Page twice

ô¿ô Toast (pop up message on bottom) now closes when launching a new layout

Version 5.1.2 - Adjustments to Help Page

0|-) The help page now includes how to include your smiley face in a text/email/IM/etc. and adjusted margins on the left side for easier reading

Version 5.1.1 - Force Close Work Around

~~8-O Added a work around for any force closes experienced when switching layouts

Version 5.1 - Preferences!

}:-) Added preferences! Includes: Splash Screen, music, animations, alternate buttons, default layout, text size, and more!

B-) Fixed Layout Three's second Scroll View!

:-a Overview now alternates colors for every other item!

8-) Changed colors for all pages - now easy to read and more diverse!

P-( Completely rewritten Help Page!

Version 5.0 - Huge Update!

(_8^(|) Added Others Page! (including Animals, People, and Miscellaneous)

O~:o Added animations! (can you find the Easter Egg?)

::) Rewrote the tutorial and copy text to be MUCH easier to read

q:-) Renamed many (most) emoticons

C=:-) Everything now loads even faster

=):-) Improvements to splash screen - can click through instead of waiting and added a black background

}:-) Finished expanding theme color changes to the EditText, selected Layout Button, and selected Alternate Form button

|:) New sounds

}|{ Added Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Generic Snowman, and Caterwauling Face emoticons

>(') And even more!...

Version 4.9 - Christmas

:) Added a Christmas Page

::) Significantly decreased app size (now takes half what it used to)

&:-) Fixed opening of layouts on top of one another

( ')> Fixed Surprised Faces Overview

:-} Changed name from The Emoticon App =) to Emoticons =)

[  ]* Many more small changes!

Version 4.8.1

@>--;-- Fixed force close spawning from sounds on many phones

:-(=) Many audio updates (fixed force closes, now higher quality, new sounds created, and more)

:-`| Color overhaul in most pages to increase readability and looks (most colors  are now colors I custom created!)

|-( Finished creating Overviews

:^) Removed "Scroll Down" text (replaced with a 'toast' notification): saves space, looks better, easier to understand

3:[ Revamped "Holidays" page (added background, changed fonts, increased size between texts, and more)

:/) Added a sound when clicking menu options

:-S And much much more!

Version 4.6

:-W Added Thanksgiving Emoticons!

*:* Added Holiday Page for all Holidays to be found in one place!

|:-O Many small changes: made "About Developer" menu option last twice as long, fixed changing color in "Crying Faces", in Halloween Page changed the colors when a button is clicked, edited Halloween text, removed "Halloween" button from Main Screen

Version 4.5

}|{ Primarily focused on User Interface aspects (TONS of little changes everywhere)

?-( Added haptic feedback (vibration) on certain interactions

:-`| Changed color scheme of all texts throughout the entire app

*^_^* When selecting buttons, colors now change throughout the entire page (previously only certain texts changed color)

{(:-) In the help page I have now included information on how to change layouts

>:-} Made entire app more seamless and uniform by doing many things such as moving "Alternate Forms Text:" with the buttons scroll view

:-') Switched order of buttons around to allow larger buttons to be at the bottom

@:-] Changed the color of the Edit Text, Selected Button, and Selected Layout of each page to better-match the look of the page

@(*0*)@ Changed the name of the launcher app name and title app name to "The Emoticon App =)"

>;-> Changed text from "Confused and Eh Faces" to "Confused Faces"

:-3 Fixed Edit Text's text in several cases from "Smilie Faces" to the correct corresponding text in each page

8-) Removed menu option "Change Buttons"

=:-H Changed the color scheme of every page to be significantly mroe readable and better-looking

*:* And many more small changes everywhere - enjoy!

Version 4.4

::) Altered color scheme in a few emoticon pages

>-) Added option to change buttons look on main menu

~~:-( Optimized sound and pages loading time to be significantly faster

Version 4.3

<:-) Added a ton more Smilie Faces! Now there are twice as many Smiley Faces, twice as many Frowny Faces, twice as many Crying Faces, and significantly more Confused Faces, Silly Faces, and OMG Faces!!!

::) Changed the color scheme of Confused Faces, Silly Faces, OMG Faces to make it even more fluid

|:-( Removed Title Bar from the Splash Screen

Version 4.2

:-# Added an overview option to about half of the emoticon pages (will be expanding the overview to all pages in the next update)

:-C Removed top bar displaying "The Emoticon App III" in each emoticon page to allow more room for displaying content

=|:o) Made slight edits to the website everywhere to make it significantly easier to instantly see all the important information

Version 4.1.2

:[ Fixed a force close error, should be completely bug free now!

P-( Slightly edited colors to theme Halloween page a little more orange (more 'Halloweeny')

Version 4.1

(^:^) I created a Halloween page for you all to enjoy!!!

XP Happy Halloween Everyone!

Version 4.0!

([].[]) Finished all layout additions and enhancements

(*-*) Created a website, go check it out!!!

Version 3.9.1

<:) Fixed Force Close

Version 3.9

:-? Added more layouts

Version 3.8

*.* Added new layouts

Version 3.7

&:-) Started adding more layout options

Version 3.5

==:) Made help scrollable

Version 3.4

o.O Edited Intro Sentence

8| In help page: added picture, increased text size

Version 3.3

*<|:) Rewrote help page

Version 3.2

:I Reorganized layout

O:) Began new set of Smilies (Animals!)

Version 3.0

\o.o/  Initial Release

SlideableDrawer Feature