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Current version: 3.1
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TenByTen is an simple but challenging puzzle game. It is a variant of the Knight's Tour puzzle and uses a grid of 10x10 cells that you have to fill with numbers from 1 to 100.

Fill the whole 10x10 grid with numbers from 1 to 100!

To start the game touch anywhere on the grid. From there you can move around increasing your score following two different rules:
  • standard rules: you can move horizontally and vertically skipping 2 cells and diagonally skipping one cell;
  • knight rules: you move following the movements of the knight from the chess game.  

The game ends when there are no more moves allowed and your score is the number you reached in that point. You can also undo your last move anytime you want but that will add 2 seconds of penalty to your time.

Online Highscores
You can check the online rankings at this address!

You can remove the ads from this application downloading the unlock key.

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