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"Loops!" is a drum machine and step sequencer that allows you to easily create amazing music loops. 
Current version: 3.5
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You can compose your patterns using the grid of 16 buttons, or steps, each step being 1/16th of a measure, and choosing between different sound "channels", each one with an unique set of samples. 

The app is divided in two sections:

The song composer

This is the application main view, you have the list of all the loops available for your song. You can easily add, edit and combine them together using the main grid in order to create more advanced songs. Tapping on a loop let you rename, edit and delete the loop.
The options menu allows you to:

  • play/stop the playback;
  • reorder the loops (available only on the FULL version);
  • open the song settings, where you can
    • set the song speed in BPM (between 60 and 140);
    • set the loop length in steps (12, 16, 32, or a custom number). This will affect all the loops of your song.
    • set the song total length.
    • (available only on the FULL version) file settings, where you can:
      • create a new song;
      • save the current song to SD card;
      • load a song from SD card;
      • send the current song via email;
      • delete a previously saved file.
    • open the about dialog, where you can find a lot of useful information and a tutorial.
    When you decide to edit a loop you will access the loop edit view, which was the main application view for version prior to 3.0.

    The loop composer


    Here is where you compose your loops, the main building modules for your songs. The length of the loop is specified in the options dialog in the song composer.The options menu allows you to: 
    • play/stop the playback;
    • play the loop together with another loop of your song, this let you easily combine your new loop with the rest of the song (available only on the FULL version);
    • select the channels to display, up to 4, choosing between the many instruments available;
    • open the MIXER view, where you can control the channel individually, muting/unmuting and setting the volume. In the FREE version you are able to control only the master channel.
    • go back to the song composer.
    You can press and hold on a button for advanced controls:
    • clear all rows: clears the current channel;
    • clear this row: clears only the selected row;
    • fill every 2 (4) steps: automatically fills the entire row every 2 (4) steps;
    • mute/unmute the currently displayed channel;
    For a complete chromatic scale (only on the instrumental channels) when you add a note, slide your finger up to make it sharp, and slide down to make it flat. In the same way you can add accents in the drum tracks.

    IMPORTANT: if you see something wrong with the app, please send me an email and I'll try to fix it. If you write your report it in the comments I won't be able to contact you back to see what's going on... so no bug fixes ;)

    Change Log:

    • v3.5:
      • Tablet optimized UI
      • High resolution mixer view
      • New action bar layout
      • Bug fixes
    • v3.1:
      • Fixed tons of bugs!
    • v3.0:
      • You can combine loops together for longer songs!!
      • Fully customizable loop length;
      • Trackball controls;
      • Unlocked functionalities for the free version;
      • New tutorial screens;
      • Dynamic sound loading, greatly improved memory management!
      • Tons of internal improvements.
    • v2.4:
      • Longer loops!! Up to 32 steps now! Yuhuu!!
      • Move to SD card for Android 2.2 devices;
      • Improved dialog for tracks selection;
      • Better memory management and many small internal improvements;
      • Solved some visualization bugs with HVGA devices.
    • v2.3:
      • textures problem in mixer fixed;
      • android 2.2 (froyo) ready.
    • v2.2:
      • new icon;
      • fixed starting/stopping bug on Google Nexus One;
      • improved memory management.
    • v2.11:
      • improved graphics in the main window;
      • automatic bug report. Send an email with the log file if something wrong happens.
    • v2.1:
      • new cool OpenGL mixer view;
      • accents in the drum tracks.
    • v2.0:
      • new sound engine, no more delays and tons of new sounds!
      • the number of simultaneous channels is brought to 4;
      • completely new graphical interface, it should look better now.
    • v1.22:
      • localized to italian and german;
      • did you see that small bug over there? Well it's not there anymore...
      • Android 2.0 (Eclair) compatible, force close at start fixed.
    • v1.21:
      • Android 1.6 (Donut) compatibility fixes and support for multiple screen resolutions.
    • v1.2:
      • added 3/4 time signature;
      • minor interface tweaks;
    • v1.1:
      • support added for flat and sharp notes;
      • minor performance improvements;
    • v1.0:
      • initial release.

    Please take some time to complete the form below, I need your support to improve Loops! It's free and completely anonymous!

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    User Comments
    • Tristan: First time using it took 5 min to make a savage beat. Responsive dev, even more responsive app. Better have the 1ghz haha. Best ive used so far.
    • Tinkerhack: Easily the most powerful Loop generator available on the market. Simple, intuitive, an effective the pro version is gorgeous and worth the purhase.
    • Dan: 3.0 working on the G1! Smart, terrific new features, very well done. Custom samples, mp3/wav export, and more tonal range (octaves?) would be neat
    • Donald: I lyke this'd app. I'm a beat nut nd this'll help me wit my free tyme. The only app I've spent money on so far
    • Perry: Awesome very worth the $$
    • Daniel: Wow & so many instruments!
    • Kathy: Very fun!
    • Michael: Sick, i made me some blast beats :]
    • Jared: F-ing awesome seriously recomend it O:-)
    • Lukas: super fun app
    • Michael: Very cool