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Force Fields - The Live Wallpaper

Force Fields - The Live Wallpaper is a highly customizable live wallpaper based on the app "Force Fields"
Current version: 1.4
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See how particles and force fields interact with each other in this amazing live wallpaper! 

Highly customizable!
There are many customizations available:

  • interactive mode;
  • extended screen: particles can move beyond the screen borders;
  • shape and color of the force fields;
  • duration of the temporary force fields on the screen;
  • the number of particles in the simulation;
  • the interaction between the particles (attraction, repulsion or none)
  • the strength of the interaction between the particles;
  • the lenght of the trace that the particles leave when they're moving around on the screen;
  • the color of the particles and their traces.

There are two interaction modes:

  • You can enable the main force field that will stay on the screen, tapping anywhere will move it to the new position;
  • If the main force field is not enabled, tapping on the screen will create a temporary force field that will disappear after a few seconds.
Finally, dropping an icon on the screen will attract the particles like a force field!

NB: live wallpapers are available only for devices with Android 2.1+



User Comments
  • Paul: THE best live wallpaper!
  • TudorAwesome on dell streak, great work, how about some extra toys like a black hole or multiplier ;)
  • LoganFantastic you remained resolute and resourceful in an atmosphere of extreme pessimism. :)