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Droid Box

"Droid Box"

Current version: 2.1
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The rules of the game are the same as the famous game Black Box, you can read further information and detailed rules here.  

The object of the game is to discover the location of the droids hidden in the grid firing the minimun number of rays from the sides. Each ray is influenced by the position of the hidden droids, which deflect its invisible path while it travels through the grid.

There are mainly three different interactions between the droids and the rays fired from the side:
  • Hit: (designated by a H ) when the ray hits directly a droid and therefore doesn't emerge from the box;
  • Deflection: when the ray passes on the side of the droid it is reflected by 90 degrees;
  • Reflection: (designated by an R ) this happens when the ray is reflected and ends up in the same cell where it started.
Watch carefully the case when the droid is on the border of the grid.

There are two difficulty levels:
  • easy: 4 droids in the grid, 5 points of penalty for a wrong solution and hints if your guess is wrong;
  • hard: 5 droids in the grid, 10 points of penalty for a wrong solution and no hints.
Try to do the less points as possible! Each attempt counts as a point if it's a hit or a reflection, and 2 points if it's a detour. You can guess the positions of the droids how many times you want, but if your solution is wrong you get penalty points depending on the difficulty level.

Online Highscores
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