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Android and pc has been created with the simplistic aim of providing a user, with information which is easy to comprehend . We intend to focus less on technical aspects and rather dwell on the end users experience related to technology and its applications.We also expect you to support us by giving us suggestions regarding the content you would like to read on our site ...

All about Android

Everything that you ever wanted to know about android

Which phone you should go for and more

All about a pc

What are the components ?

How to assemble a pc and troubleshoot ?.


Troubleshoot Android and pc problems.

This is a user community, where we pool our resources to solve critical issues affecting your system

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This website is created created and maintained by Shettycomputers. We deal with everything related to computers and have now forayed into smartphones.(INDIA ONLY)

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shetty computers offers Desktops starting from        Rs 15000/- and Laptops from Rs 2000/- Know more about us and our products

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