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Locale Gesture Control

This is not a stand alone application but a plug-in for locale

Use gesture as condition in Locale.

Enable/disable settings with a simple gesture; Launch application, etc...

Use gesture builder interface to create new gesture, select them in locale.

Gesture Builder
When creatign gesture remember that false positive will be lower if you create long enough gesture (minimum two lines like "V")
  • Do not use same name for to gestures
  • Remember that you can modify sensibility in settings, this set the minimum matches needed for gesture detection
In Gesture Manager you can delete gesture with long click in list.

Gesture Activity
Settings can also be modify in gesture activity, used button on top.
Gesture activity can be launch from shorcut in status bar or like any other application.

Locale Condition
In Locale condition, if you don't set "Leave condition active until a deactivation gesture condition is detected" then condition will be active for a short time.
If you want to modifyng a settings like WiFi you have to set a deactivation gesture.