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Locale Appli Detection

This is a Locale Plug-in.
It enable you to detect application running.

Settings can be customize: Open menu and select "Settings".
You can set specific rate to apply after the screen is turning on and the duration for this specific settings.
So you can modify plug-in behavior in order to quickly detect application. Keep in mind that if you increase check rate the plug-in will use more battery (even if no test had show a significant battery usage)

For each condition you can:
  • You can select on or more application in the list.
  • Select if you want to detect only visible application (with user interface in foreground) or if you want to detect all active applications (in background as a service for example).

Now it's time for you to see how this plug-in can help you :)
Example: Activate GPS when google map is open, activate airplane mode when your children use is application...