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Cyanogenmod 11

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  • Support forcing all screenshots into a CPU consumer 
  • Enable h/w acceleration in systemui process while keeping the memory usage down.
  • Open Delta Support implemented with daily nightly support and New website for hosting builds.
  • Updated CM-11.0 Source

  • NIGHTLY-13

    1. Settings: Fix exception being thrown if CMHW is not installed.
       Happens during debugging when mmp'ing the app.
    2. CMAccount: Fix typo in AndroidManifest.xml
    3. Fix Settings Panel bug causing frozen overview.
       Previously, toggling search panel would freeze Overview mode
       until the user exited back to the regular launcher. Also, the current
       page would be lost. Fix this by computing the new scroll bounds
       immediately when the setting is toggled.
    4. ThemesProvider:Don't call insertCapabilities for legacy icon packs.
    5. Settings:Change "Stay Awake" description to match behavior
       Stay awake acts on "plugged in" state, not "charging" state.  Update description to accurately reflect this behavior.
    6. Settings:Fix translatability of modified dev countdown strings.
    7. Settings:Fix translatability of modified ADB strings.
    8. Base:Fix translatability of External media format message
    9. MountService: Check for null pointer when looking for vold code
       * There is actually no code path that will set an event into
       NativeDaemonConnectorException, so any reference to the event code
       will result in a null pointer exception, taking down MountService and
       the rest of the system with it.
    10.Settings:Fix duplicate notification light string
    11.OpenDelta support added will be up and running soon.


    1. Settings: add setting for nav bar cursor
    2. SystemUI: add left and right virtual buttons while typing
    3. BaseStatusBar: Dismiss heads up on backpress.
    4. Themes: Add icon previews to ThemesContract
    5. Use systemui's applied theme for notifications.
       Notifications contain RemoteViews which are inflated using the
       application's context for which this notification belongs to.  This
       can look out of place if SystemUI is using a different theme than the
       rest of the system.
       This patch will use SystemUIs theme when inflating the RemoteViews,
       giving us a more consistent look in the notification drawer.
    6. Allow specifying a theme when creating a Context
       A Context normally loads the resources associated with the given
       package that this context is for.  This patch allows us to specify
       a theme we want attached to a given context's resources.
    7. Base:Add getThemedResourcesForApplicationAsUser().
    8. Support theming navbar separately from SystemUI
       This allows using a different theme for the navbar than the theme
       applied to the rest of SystemUI.  This will not affect theming until
       we have the front end in place that allows users to change this.
    9. Modify config to support app specific themes
       Summary of Changes
       1. The configuration now supports each app to have their own theme.
       Each theme can include icons, styles (ie overlays) and font.
       2. The theme config is serialized into a json string and stored
       in secure settings.  This entry consolidates what was previously 3 separate
       keys (style, icon, font) into a single field.
       3. 'CustomTheme' was renamed to 'ThemeConfiguration'.
       Note: This commit is for the configuration. Additional work needs to be done to
       the framework and UI to support app specific themes.
    10.Clean up search code.
       Fix up coding style and add a few missing TypedArray.recycle() calls.
       Also make filtering code more efficient.
    11.Settings : Make search locale friendly.
    12.Settings : Get actionbar post extra retrieval
       Fetching the actionbar before the extras are utilized causes the parentActivityName
       to be null and no home as up enabled.
    13.Show parent fragment name in option search.
       For doing that, parent titles were missing for options placed in
       fragments which are directly invoked by a settings header. Fixit.
    14.Updated init and cleaned up overlays 


    1. Replace CWM Touch recovery with TWRP Touch Based Recovery
    2. Updated Toolchain to arm-cortex_a9-linux-gnueabihf-linaro_4.9.1-2014.06
    3.Updated CM-11.0 Source


    1. Bluetooth tethering Fixed
    2. Deduplicate adapter-of-installed-packages code
    3. Added ro.config.low_ram=true in build properties(build.prop) 
       Transparent status bar and multiple lockscreen panels will disappear if want change it false in build.prop


    1. DisplaySettings: Add hardware-framework support for color enhancement
    2. vold: Send UUID with list response
       UUID defaults to 0 if not available
    3. MountService: Handle UUID in list response
    4. build: Update supported languages
       * Remove Uyghur, which has no active maintainer in the past 6 months
       * Add Kurdish
    5. Mms: update new messages notification count
       Mms should notify the system about how many new sms/mms has (including those ones under conversations)
       to the notification system. This allow the system to display the number of events for Mms app according its
    6. keyguard: force marquee effect for carrier text
       This allows to make rooms for languages with long carrier text descriptions.
    7. Fix accesses to MmsSms.CONTENT_CONVERSATIONS_URI.
       Because one of the columns was duplicated between MMS_ONLY_COLUMNS and
       SMS_ONLY_COLUMNS, the last entry of UNION_COLUMNS was null, leading to
       a NPE(null point exception)
    8. PackageManager: Add option for single threaded dexopt
       * Execute all dexopt invocations on the main thread instead of using the
       ExecutorService when persist.sys.dalvik.multithread is set to false.
    9. Reset Pattern:
       - If user cancels while creating new pattern, old pattern is restored
    10.Wifi: Use bss->age identifier for wifi scan results
       This value will be used as "timestamp" and Google Play Services
       uses this value for identifying sane wifi scan items.
       The current timestamp (tsf=) has a different meaning, which causes
       the Google Location Resolver to ignore all wifi scan entries and
       therefore no location can be resolved.
       This solution is already done on batched result parsing, but
       missing on the traditional scans.


    1. Theme Provider: Reapply theme components when theme updated.
    2. Add a custom home screen to Trebuchet.
    Scrolling to the left will now open a custom home screen that can be
    used to display information provided by the system or third parties
    via an API.
    3. quickcontact: fallback to default secondary action drawable
    If the resource package doesn't have a valid resource drawable, then fallback
    to default drawable.
    4. accounts: don't remove accounts while device is in safe mode
    Userspace apps are not available in safe mode, so authenticators are not available when
    the system starts and checks all accounts. Just ignore these accounts and not add them
    to the list of accounts.
    5. BAse: Theme IME switcher alert dialog
    6. Fix frontOfTask assignment.
    If all activities of a given stack were finishing, no activity was
    marked as front-of-task. This confused ActivityManager, so make sure
    there's always exactly one activity marked as front-of-task.
    7. Keyguard: fix NPE setting lockscreen wallpaper
    After boot the view might not be laid out and so getWidth() and
    getHeight() return 0 and will cause a NullPointerException in
    8. Move Scrolling Wallpaper to new Trebuchet Settings
    9. Activity chooser "Always" button is not working
    When ResolverActivity is created with a custom list of matching
    applications (rList) as in NFC case, and the alwaysUseOption is
    set to true, the prferredActivity is not saved even if the user
    presses the "always" button.
    When a list is provided the variable mBaseResolveList will be
    != null. This will set mOrigResolveList = null.
    When an activity is choosen and one of the buttons are pressed
    onIntentSelected is called. The first thing this method does
    is to check mAdapter.mOrigResolveList != null, however in this
    case mOrigResolveList is always null, and the value is not
    saved as PreferredActivity.
    10.Automatic translation imports for all source's updated


    3. SystemUI: Expose heads up.
    4. HeadsUp: Clean up.
    5. Trebuchet: Adjust layout for readability in different languages
    6. Mms: use Holo Light theme
    7. Settings: Protected App [2/3]
        Protected Apps Settings -> Apps:
       - Added Receiver which can send in a call to PackageManager to toggle a components protected status.
       - Add Protected Apps activity (available from Apps fragment)
       - Reads from ApplicationInfo state
       - Requires Pattern Lock to view/modify protected apps
       - Updates Settings Secure DB with protected components
       - Support resetting protected apps pattern lock
    8.  Show notification on adb over network too
         Screenshots -
    9.  Trebuchet: Move Scrolling Wallpaper to new Trebuchet Settings
    10. base: don't show global actions if shutdown sequence was started
    11. base: properly check that quickboot is enabled
    12. incallui: make navigation bar translucent + other fixes
       * Make navigation bar translucent when available, minimizing thec bad
       effect of the black navigation bar.
       * Complete change Ie76cbc53c176d94bfb2402bf50eae6161fbb2198, displaying
       the caller photo in complete full window size.
       * Sync Msim layouts with normal layouts
    13. Themes: Theme immersive mode cling.


    1. Settings: remove auto_brightness_adjustment_title string
       The controls which used this string were removed.
    2. Settings: Do not disable "Brightness control" setting
       It's really annoying to have to back out of this screen when disabling
       auto brightness and go back in just to enable this setting.
    3. CMFileManager: Update strings
    4. QS: New torch icon
       Create a new torch icon which can be used across the system
      (Quick settings, Quick launch, Torch app).
       Vector graphic:
    5. Fix CustomContent/CMHome bugs with settings.
       * If Search Panel / CMHome is enabled, it would become visible
       in overview mode after any setting is toggled. Fixed.
       * If all icons on the last home screen were removed and Search Panel /
       CMHome is enabled, CMHome would become the only workspace, breaking
       most things. Fixed.
    6. SystemUI: Expose heads up.
    7. Fix PackageManagerService WTF in systemReady()
       This resolves the following error:
    8. PackageManager: Fix logic around upgrading text display
       * This code has all threads writing into the integer keeping track of
       the number of packages at once.
       * Make this integer an atomic one, preventing all threads from racing
       when updating it.
    9. WallpaperCropper: include wallpapers from themes!
       Theme all the things!!!!!!!!!
    10.Settings: Add HeadsUp setting.


       1. Android 4.4.4 and it's Change logs
       2. Small Tiles layout fixed
       3. VPN issues must be fixed now
       4. OTA DIsabled for improvements ,should be live in a week .
    5. Updated cm-11 Sources


       1. RIL Updated
        2.  Added stereo widening effect
    3. Deferred KSM timer enabled
    4. Built with Google GCC 4.8
    5. New OTA Updater Logo
    6. CWM
    7. Dialer Issues are gone [Tested On clean Weekly-9]
    8. Updated ArchiDroid Optimizations to V3
    9. Google Play Store visual artifacts are fixed
    10. Updated cm-11 Sources Huge Update from Upstream as 4.4.3 landed


       1. 4.4.3 Build
       2. Updated cm-11 Sources 


       1. Led notification working normal
       2. New performance tile [Power save/balance/Performance]
       3. Fixed reboot to recovery
       4. OTA system Online
       5. All files sending and receiving via bluetooth
    . Updated cm-11 Sources to 5/20/2014. Read there  gerrit.


       1. All Issues Related to crash and random reboots should be fixed now
       2. STE MultiMedia [1/2] and UI performance Increased . Visit here
       3. New theme Engine From CyanogenMod
       4. OTA support added ,will be supported from next weekly.
       5. Updated cm-11 Sources to 5/13/2014. Huge Update ,read there  gerrit.,n,z


       1. Device tree, kernel and vendor updated from AOSX (thanks to AOSX team)
       2. Adapt gralloc, copybit, hwcomposer, stelpcutils, memtrack from sources 
       3. BlueZ updated to 5.18 (Stable)
       4. Fix call via bluetooth
       5. CWM touch Recovery 
       6. Updated cm-11 Sources to 5/6/2014. Huge Update ,read there gerrit.,n,z


         1. Power HAL of U8500 SOC,Fixed permission issue [Thanks to carl]
         2. Improved Battery performance [libhealthd]
         3. Cleaned Uneeded things from sources
         4. Fixed Reboot to recovery from advance reboot options [Thanks Mike Semc-2011 Dev for his original commit]
         5. Fixed button typo [Thanks Abhinav]
         6. Enabled Sony Apps in Play Store 
         7. Updated cm-11 Sources to 3/9/2014. Big Update ,read there gerrit.,n,z


          1.Added Power Hal of CyanogenMod
          2. Removed Goo manager


    1. Added more pixel format info
    2. Added Power Hal of U8500 SOC
    3. Updated cm-11.0 sources,n,z

    1. .USB tethering Fixed
    2. Bluez Update
    3. and OTA Update support added
    4. Improved Battery performance
    5. Updated cm-11.0 sources 


    Release Candidate -1

         1. CWM touch Updated to
         2. OMX fixed from source
         3. 1080p Video playback support
         4. Bluetooth Fixed [A2DP left]
         5. Video recording Fixed


          1. CWM touch Updated to
          2. Removed OMX closed source libs 


          1.Added Focus modes for camera
          2.BlueZ 5.13 sources
          3.Inverted Camera Issue from previous Nightly Fixed


          1.OpenMax codecs solved [OMX]
          2.Full Video playback at 1080p


           1.Bluetooth finally working [Not functional yet, Its able to search devices but can't pair .Its turned on once gets turned off after                  searching or while pairing .Then to enable it ,you need to reboot .] Thanks munjeni and 95A31 for there hardwork . 
           2.New RIL class
           3.New Mali Drivers 
           4.Notification Led's fixed from nightly-20


           1.Battery % alignment from nightly-19 fixed.

    1. Cleaned Up sources
    2. New features from CM.
    3. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,
    1. Android 4.4.2 sources merged
    2. Photosphere introduced(It will work when OMX issues are fixed) and Added new gapps
    3. Added WhisperPush . More Info here
    4. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. Android 4.4.1 sources merged
    2. Tethering issues fixed from previous nightly.
    3. No more wifi connection forgotten and passwords are saved.
    4. Tethering in open ,WPA and WPA2.
    5. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. ART update . More apps support
    2. Mutil user .max limit=3
    3. Test Build need dmesg and logcats for wifi and tethering.
    4. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. Battery percentage modes ,etc faetures.Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. Wifi updates
    2. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. CWM Touch ,all credits to Munjeni
    2. Wifi tether fixed.
    3. All issues related to wifi solved .
    4. Some new parameters for Camera .etc
    5. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. Disabled touch sounds and DMFT tones as a default.
    2. Kernel Updated to 3.0.10 to 3.0.101 .More stable and smooth response
    3. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. Wifi related Updates
    2. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. Audio playback,camera fc's,apollo,dsp manager fc's fixed thanks mujeni for audio patch update.
    2. Kernel Update to 3.0.10
    3. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. Wifi sleep bug solved when screen if off.
    2. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. New Bootanimation
    2. Audio Updates
    3. Updated CM-11 sources . For more info,n,z
    1. Wifi Fixed Added to kernel ,no need to fastboot another kernel
    2. Updated CWM recovery to
    3. Audio Updates
    4. Updated Kernel to 3.0.9
    5. User debug Build to avoid red border
    6. Updated CM-11 sources,Quick settings options etc . For more info,n,z
    1. RIL Fixed
    2. Removed cm-10.2 Bootanimation
    3. Latest cm-11.0
    1. Fixed FC's
    2. Preview Build For Kitkat , RIL Not working.
    3. Latest cm-11.0
    1. SystemUI and CM account FC's .Don't use
    1. Booted