Andris Vaivads PhD, associate professor

Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), Uppsala
office: Room 84105, Ångström Laboratory
andris@irfu.setel: +46 18 471 3097, mob. +46 704 856 457
Member of Department of Astronomy and Space Physics, Uppsala University
Publications: Google Scholar NASA ADS

Research interests

  • Energy transport and conversion in the magnetosphere with particular focus on kinetic processes such as reconnection, turbulence, shocks, auroral acceleration region. 
  • Particle acceleration to suprathermal energies, especially due to plasma processes at kinetic scales.

Spacecraft missions

  • THOR - Lead Scientist. THOR is a mission proposal to ESA M4 call. 
  • Solar Orbiter - Lead CoI BIAS/RPW. Solar Orbiter is a mission to be launched in 2020 to study Sun and how it drives the  heliopshere.
  • Cluster - CoI EFW instrument. Cluster is ESA four spacecraft mission to study Earth magnetosphere.
  • MMS is a NASA four spacecraft mission to study magnetic reconnection process.
  • JUICE - CoI RPWI instrument. JUICE is a mission to be launched 2022 to Jupiter. It will arrive 2029 and will explore the giant gaseous planet and three of its largest moons.



  • Elin Eriksson, PhD student (2014-). Thesis topic: "3D magnetic reconnection and particle acceleration".
  • Andreas Johlander, PhD student (2014-). Thesis topic: "Suprathermal particle energization at shocks".