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Some not-updated cvs (click on subpages below):
CV deutsch allgemein: professionellen Lebenslauf in deutscher Sprache (Entwurf)
CV english general: curriculum vitae general work in english
CV english paddle: curriculum vitae paddling in english
CV italiano generale: curriculum vitae generico professionale in italiano
CV italiano pagaia: curriculm vitae pagaia in italiano
CV italiano politico: curriculm vitae politico in italiano

The following summarizes my way of thinking:
- There are too many people working imprecisely, without a method, without interest in the result.
- I like working with people ready and enthusiastic to learn, to teach, to share, to grow in skills, in efficiency and effectiveness.
- Right to work does not mean Right to employment: there is plenty of land to work if you don't find a more favorite job, and you will not starve working a piece of land.
- I'm a fan of liberalism, of no taxes, of no redistribution of income and of wealth, and of course of NO privilege.
I believe in Degrowth, in Maintenance, in Repair and Restoration, in Reuse, in Recycle ... in Intelligence!
I'm attracted by natural agriculture and I strongly support nature protection.