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Andrea's advice on food

ANDREA'S ADVICE ON FOOD: the italian way Good practices to health and sustainability: Food is a gift of nature through the labour of man.

  1. Non essere timido: dillo anche tu a chi te la offre che rifiuti l'acqua in bottiglia; e dopo sii orgoglioso di te!
  2. Keep a glass and a carafe of water on the table, all day long. And serve yourself from time to time
  3. Take your children, go to the market, buy fruit and sugar, and enjoy making together your jam yourself: it's easy and fun!
  4. Surf metaphora est vitae
  5. Be choosy: refuse fish that have suffered lifelong!
  6. Be choosy: refuse meat from animals that have suffered lifelong!
  7. Be choosy: refuse milk from cows that have suffered lifelong!
  8. Be choosy: refuse eggs from hens that have suffered lifelong!
  9. GLOBAL is vain if not filled with LOCAL values
  10. Never boil good milk to drink
  11. People say pepper is unhealthy: it's not true
  12. In medio stat virtus: www.reducetarian.com
  13. Better eating some selected Salt grains from time to time when you feel like, than eating salty food every day
  14. If you cannot find Crude Milk, at least buy fresh full fat milk
  15. Keep Olive Oil in a dark glass bottle well closed and store it in a dark cool cupboard: olive oil cannot stand oxygen, light, warmth
  16. Olive Oil for humans is only extra virgin olive oil
  17. A Beef Steak rare, with hot olive oil, rosemary and balsamic vinegar, is a pleasure!
  18. No Soft Drinks, of course!
  19. No Chemical Sugars, of course!
  20. Added Salt and added Sugar should not be part of human diet
  21. My favorite Drink for breakfast: at least one liter of infusion of green tea and mint
  22. Eat Extra Virgin Olive Oil on bread for breakfast, and buy it from trusted farmers
  23. Eat genuine Honey on bread for breakfast, and buy it from trusted beekeepers
  24. My favorite Chocolate: 85% cocoa, sugar cane and only cocoa butter as fat ingredient, of course!
  25. Hard Bread and Dry Bread are gymnastics for the mouth and relief for the stomach
  26. True Bread is made with only flour, water, yeast, (salt) and no fat
  27. Beware of Cold Cuts: they are full of preservatives
  28. Only accept Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Butter in the ingredients, no other fat
  29. Real Cheese is only cheese that you can eat with its crust
  30. Real Milk is only raw milk
  31. Real Yogurt is only whole milk white natural yogurt