twinkle, twinkle, little star . . . 




Now we've always known there are millions of little stars out there but there is this remarkable revolution going on which is bringing some of them much closer to home. 

Let's start with Flickr where you can create a gallery and share what you want with others.

Then there's the brilliant Pageflakes. Drag panels around the screen, add items that you want to have quick links to or which will give you the latest news. You'll want it as your home page.

Next check out Planzo and, on the strict understanding that you promise to change the default colour scheme, share your diary, get reminders about what you need reminding about and leave Outlook at work.

With not only can you survive without Word but you can collaborate on and share documents in a way that some people can do with Word but only after considerable effort and even then it looks lousy on the web and doesn't really do what you wanted it to.

There are wikis which I have yet to get to grips with and ELGG if you need some academic friends and eXelearning helps you bundle a load of files together for students to look at on the web or to show your newacademic friends. Wink helps you, wants you, to tag pages that you think might be useful and provides a place where you can gather them all together and sort the links out, with updates on who else found them useful or even sueful as I first typed.

Flikr now have a fine little mini frame of your images that can be included on a web page, although I guess you would need to know how to copy and paste, and where to do so, for this bit. 

Yahoo will help you contact people on-line, with video, wherever they are, instantly, well, after a bit of churning of the old processor. You will have to grin and bear signing up to the brand and temporarily coping with their all singing and dancing, something for everybody approach to life for as long as it takes to get set up. In contrast, a visit to oswd will get you design templates and a glimpse of what this thing called Web 2.0 is all about with minimal fuss but you'll need some help meking them work for your stuff.

And all these are free. Behind them, stars every one.
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