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    My research interests center on computational biology, more specifically comparative genomics. I work on applications of various quantitative methods of analysis, such as algorithm design, combinatorial analysis, probabilistic analysis, and statistical inference. As I have an interdisciplinary background comprising mathematics, computer science, statistics, physics, and biology, I find biological systems particularly stimulating and strive to discover informative patterns in the typically noisy data gathered from these systems.

Current research

Genome rearrangements refer to the observations that genes of similar or identical contents are found in different orderings along the chromosomes of related species. As rearrangement events accumulate over the evolution, their presence can be used to improve our understanding of evolutionary mechanisms and to improve the quality of phylogenetic inferences. My current research focuses on this area, with the aim of understanding the underlying mechanisms, deriving realistic and feasible models, and using the evolutionary signal from genome rearrangements for phylogenetic reconstruction.

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