I'm an SM student in Polina Golland’s Medical Vision Group in CSAIL at MIT. Currently, we're investigating representations of functional MRI time series and their associated networks in the brain. Of particular interest is capturing connectivity abnormalities in patients with epilepsy.

Previously, I worked on DTI registration with Xavier Pennec in Projet Asclepios at INRIA Sophia Antipolis. Before that, I completed an MSc in Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging at University College London, where my thesis covered research on multiple fibre reconstruction methods with Daniel Alexander in the Microstructure Imaging Group.

Selected Publications

G. Langs, D. Lashkari, A. Sweet, Y. Tie, L. Rigolo, A. Golby, and P. Golland. Learning an Atlas of a Cognitive Process in its Functional Geometry. In Proc. of Information Processing in Medical Imaging, LNCS 6801: pp. 135-146, Irsee, Germany, July 2011. PDF. BibTeX. Presentation. Project.

A. Sweet and X. Pennec. A Log-Euclidean Statistical Analysis of DTI Brain Deformations. In Proc. of MICCAI Workshop on Computational Diffusion MRI, p. 198-209 Beijing, China, September 2010. PDF. BibTeX. PosterProject.

A. Sweet and D.C. Alexander. Reduced Encoding Persistent Angular Structure. In Proc. of ISMRM: International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Imaging, p. 572, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2010. PDF. BibTeX. PresentationProject.