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Brass rods and tube



Head Office
1 Treforest Drive
Clayton  Victoria  Australia  3168
Ph:  (03) 9544 1100  Int Ph:  (+613) 9544 1100
Fx:  (03) 9544 1200  Int Fx:  (+613) 9544 1200
Email: info@georgewhite.com.au 

Postal Address:
PO Box 5226
Clayton  Victoria  Australia  3168

Free CAD software and other good stuff



Price:US $305.00


maktec local ALUMINIUM body

 Water cooled brushless router (need one want one).brought one  from ebay $ 390 AUD
Its Very quite got it in 2012 and still good 
Setting the speed from linux cnc with a 0-10Vdc signal configured by me for 6000-15000 rpm.
Its an induction motor so 60RPM can be set but has no torque 

It all just a PC Cooler used to cool the Router
Brought from a Site that does exist anymore.
Plus some Hose

1 x EC6 Non-Conductive Coolant - 1L, UV Neon Green (TCEC6UNG)  =      $19.95
1 x EK­CoolStream RAD-XT (120) (EKRadXT120)  =                                   $46.70
1 x BO: X2O 450 Pump/Square Reservoir (XSPCX2OP400A)  =                  $39.50
4 x Barb (Flanged), G1/4" to 1/4", Nylon, Black (PC-F-NF-14-BN)  =           $5.00
1 x LCD Temperature Sensor - Green (XSPCLCDTEMPGRN)  =                 $5.95

0.8 kw CNC router Water cool spindle motor and inverter

The Main Parts that will be needed, how much it can cost, and they can be found. 

PC (not laptop) 1.7 Ghz single core 1 Gig ram CD drive working Parallel port .. $40
Software for machine Linux CNC $ Free 

Power supply 24 VDC 6 amps +  $80 -$100

3 STEPPER MOTORS And control board 55 oz $160

router trimmer or dremel (my $50 from Aldi Still running)

cnc machine Cost ???  Depends on how you build it what you can get for Free maybe about $500 with change but all aluminum was free

click  PSU

24V 6.5A Switching PSU

24V 6.5A Switching Power Supply. Model: A-150-24 Specifications: AC Input: 220V DC Output: 24...
24V 6.5A Switching PSU

Gecko G540 is the best home CNC has to offer, built on 4x G251 Drivers with a built in Break-Out board, the G540 can drive upto 4 stepper motors running a maximum of 3.5A 50V per motor, ideal for running most nema 23/24 stepper motors and some low end Nema 34 motors.
These drivers are manufactured in the United States. 

larger imageGecko G540 4 Axis Driver


CNC NEMA23 Stepper Motor Driver 2M542 4.2A Controller425 Oz-in Nema 23 Stepper Motor "CNC Router, Mill"AU $64.90

425 Oz-in Nema 23 Stepper Motor "CNC Router, Mill"

70VDC 800W Power Supply   -  PS-8N70N24R5


Electrical Characteristics

Output VoltageCurrent
Price: $160.00

KL23H284-35-4B   KL23H284-35-4B (1/4” Dual shaft with a flat)   387 oz-in  (

2.7 Nm =  382.3 OZ in
Note my machine set to 1/8 stepp would do 10 000 pps = 1250 witch is still 2.00 i think

1200 oz-in

Stepper Motor, Size 23, 140 oz-in, 200 Steps per Revolution
Figure C

Keling Technology, Inc

Also Ocean Controls at  Seaford is very good

A local linear bearing place we found very helpful and cheap
These are some quotes i got at the time early 2010

round Rod we found the 12 mm a bit light and went for 20mm for X main axis and would be better even for the y cross axis
LinearTechnik Pty. Ltd.
Unit 13, 18-22 Williams Rd.
Dandenong Vic. 3175
Ph 9706 7888
Fx 9706 7488
Mobile 0437 880 365
round linear bearing ROD
730mm 12mm  X 2  $16.79ea + GST 
Full length is 3000mm $69.00ea + GST 
Trapezoidal Nuts 12mm 3 pitch X 2  $56.00ea + GST 
Thread for the Trapezoidal Nuts 12mm 3 pitch
810 mm length X 1  $48.60ea + GST 
530 mm length X 1  $31.80ea + GST 
Full length is 1000mm $60.00ea + GST
now is about $30 for 1000mm

DIYCNC MILL ROUTER LATHE Cable drag chain wire carrier

ER16 1/2Price: $12.00ER16 COLLET SET (10 PCS) #A03Price: $23.50
to fit any size into you 1/2 router

Parallel Port Interface card with 24V Relays and Charge Pump Circuit

AUD 55.00
Parallel Port Interface card with 24V Relays and Charge Pump Circuit

5 Axis CNC interface adapter the MACH 2 3 , NINOS NEW

CNC DB25 Breakout Board MACH3 KCAM4 EMC2 6 axis - New DB25 Breakout Board Adapter for CNC Stepper Motor New

Eight(8) Relay Module,Board, for 8051, PIC Project, 12V

Eight(8) Relay Module,Board, for 8051, PIC Project, 12V  $ 24 to $32 

Item image20mm AU $9.95Item imageItem imageItem image

Price: $170.00