Special Thanks

Thanks to all those people out there who helped 

There are many many people who i could thank for helping me write and inspire me to keep going, but these are the super importaint ones...


Sarah S: Sarah you are an amazing artist. i hope to use you for any art i need done in the future. (if anyone wants to contact Sarah about her artwork, email me and ill let her know)


Rosie R: thanks a lot for the help on Heretic/Damage-Control or whatever it may be called in the future. you inspired the main character "Rosie" in the book and helped me write it till the end.


Ned Vizzini: your my idol, and i doubt you'll ever see this but i just want to put it out there. everyone has to like Ned, his books are down to earth and he knows his stuff. i suggest reading all of his books, but if you only have time for one, i suggest: Its kind of a funny story for the depressed people, be more chill for the nerds, and teen angst? Nahh for everyone who was a kid at some point. all his books are amazing. thanks for the insperation through your works.

Heather W: (ill get to it later)

Grandpa Hill: (ill get to it later)

Mom: (ill get to it later)

Dad: (ill get to it later)

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