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 Update: 3/12/08 - 10:20 Am


    Well I'm just updating again. things are going good. haven't done much book work, but i need to get by school first. i have started working on a new page called "Preview" which will have a chapter or two from one of my works. ill prob take one from the J.J Jones series first. two months(ish) till i start the process for getting Damage-Control published. I'm really excited about it, but yeah i need to head out. remember, if you have any comments about the site or myself including my works, give me a shout at my email: thanks everyone!




Update: 2/6/08 - 10:05 Am

Hey Everyone, Andrew here. welcome to my free (as in i paid no money) site.  I'm working on getting things going and such, so don't be surprised if a link doesn't work yet or something. I'm hoping to get more about my books up soon. keep in touch, 


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