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Hello and welcome to my online portfolio. On this website you will find out many interesting things I plan on doing in the future in my own classroom, and what I have already done. Everything on here are past examples that I have submitted to different classes, and some of them have been used in classes, and others are just examples of idea's and lessons that I would like to teach, and how I would incorporate technology into them.

Technology to me is very important, and i feel it can make me a better teacher, as long as it is incorporated in the classroom correctly. It will help hold the students interest, and present new ways to supply information to students, in exciting and different ways.

Technology also helps challenge kids, and when used right, it will open the students minds to different types of thinking. It can also be used to help people work in groups, and learn how to work well with others.

Technology can be very useful in almost any setting, and it should be used as often as necessary, and when appropriate. Technology to me can enhance a classroom, and it can make for a more engaged setting for everyone involved.

I have also had a lot of technology experience. I currently work for Best Buy Geek Squad. I used to work in the computer department, so I have become knowledgeable about what's new, in terms of technology, and how to repair computers as well. I also used to work as a Technician for Seymour Community Schools, repairing computers as well.