Andrew Layne's Artwork

I am an artist that was born in Fairbanks, AK.  I learned about art in the Fairbanks area for 30 years of my life.  I studied art in high school, and I went to the University of Alaska Fairbanks for my Bachelor in Fine Arts that I received in 2008 and my Master's in Secondary Education that I received in 2012.  I currently live in Arizona, am married, and have a wonderful daughter that brightens my day.  I teach art at a Middle School level and exhibit my work in the Yuma area.  Most of the artwork that I specialize in is printmaking, painting, and pastel work.  I do teach different mediums and I have experimented with several types of mediums.   My current artwork reflects the world around us: beautiful landscapes, politics, social issues, and emotion drive my art.  You can click on my new work below.  I hope you enjoy.  Here is a link to my college work:

All work is Copyright by Andrew Layne.



Acrylic Paintings

Chalk Pastel Work