Homework Assignments

New homework announcements will be posted here weekly with the corresponding due date.  All homework is due  in class the on date posted on the homework.  Homework will also be posted on the class calendar page as a link. After the week is passed the homework assignment will be moved into the appropriate folder in the Class Document page. A link for Class Documents is located on the left hand side bar.
Homework will be a review of past knowledge, compliment the present information in class and have students think beyond what is presently going on in class.
Students that submit work late will have it graded at 10% of its scored value. Late work can be submitted at any point during the grading period up to an announced cut off date. This date will change depending on the school calendar and your teachers availability. Traditionally this date is the week before a semesters final exams. Any change to that date will be reflected on the class site calendar. 
No homework, or any class work, will be accepted if it is submitted electronically. Electronic submissions will also not be considered 'on time'. 
Again, past homework assignments are located in the "Class Documents" link on the left hand side bar.
To assist with homework or other class assignments Mr. Kempiak will be on campus Tuesday and Thursday afterschool. If no student shows up, or makes plans to see him during this time, he may leave before 3:45 PM.

Weekly Homework

posted Aug 27, 2010, 8:01 AM by Andrew Kempiak   [ updated Nov 1, 2017, 3:44 PM ]

Assigned weekly homework can be found here as an attachment. It will be collected by the close of class on the date listed on the homework
If you have trouble viewing the file let Mr. Kempiak know as soon as possible.
Past homework assignments can be found in the "Class Documents" link on the side bar to the right of this section.

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