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Hi , nice to meet you . My name is Andrew Keith Arulanandom. I am a software developer and game enthusiast. Actually, more like a game addict. I currently enjoy playing first person shooter games online and various games on my computers and X-Box. I created this page because I wanted to post some pictures and information about my loving wife, family and my games. Yes , I am married.. shocking arr ..

I am also a hardcore technophile. Ok , not so hardcore, but I cant live without my handphone, PDA and broadband. I got to surf the net at least 10 hours a day. Mostly news and tech information, sometimes videos on the weekends. I got a kickass athlon64 at home, which is both my workstation and gaming rig. Bad idea actually, because I just end up playing games all the time on it.

You can contact me either via email ( or through MSN (
Don’t call me if you don’t know me in person. I am quite nasty to telesales people.  Not nasty in the sense that I scream, its more of physiological intimidation. If you really absolutely want to contact me, send an email. I always answer email.