Andrew Moylan

Around the time I created this page (2008), I was a numerical computation developer & technical communication specialist at Wolfram Research. Before 2008 I was a PhD student in physics in the general relativity theory group at The Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

You'll probably find my LinkedIn profile more useful and more up-to-date than this page. (A bunch of the "Projects" listed there link back to pages here.)

Download my PhD thesis on highly oscillatory integration and its application to gravitational lensing of gravitational waves.

Read about or download the LevinIntegrate Mathematica package for highly oscillatory integration or my other Mathematica packages.

Read about my work on the GRworkbench project in visual, numerical differential geometry (and the experimental programming language "lax"). 

Read about or download my toy functional meta-language created with C++ template meta-programming techniques.

See a list of scientific articles for which I am the primary author or view a generic version of my academic CV (PDF format).

Read about how to optimally play Quasar, the gambling mini-game in BioWare's Mass Effect game. 

Questions? Send me an email.