I am always interested in recruiting people into our research group. Our research is diverse, tackles fundamental questions about social biology, and has strong connections with research groups at other institutions. So the main question is - how will you fit? Will the training you receive meet your goals? Will you bring ideas and skills that will make you a productive member of the SHOAL group? 
Enquiries from potential postdocs are welcome, and I encourage you to consider joining us as an independent research fellow. Some possible sources of funding are NERC, AXA, The Leverhulme TrustThe Human Frontiers Science Programme, or Marie Curie. Deadlines are year-round, but tend to fall between October and January.
PhD studentships
Most PhD studentships are funded by UK Research Councils but some come from other funders including overseas universities and charitable foundations. If you are interested in doing a PhD, then contact me with a CV and a brief cover letter outlining your interests and research skills. Students are encouraged to come up with their own thesis topics. A topic that I find very promising at the moment is the development and maintenence of social roles, using fish as a model system. An experimentally minded candidate would be required for this project.