Abdullah Al-Nahdi
PhD Researcher 
Co-supervised by Carlos Garcia De Leaniz (Swansea University)
Conservation and ecology of marine fish in tropical Indo-West Pacific waters.

Research Fellow (Mexican Government Funded)
Co-hosted by Ines Fürtbauer (Swansea University) 
Animal social networks in hierarchical systems.

PhD Researcher 
Co-supervised by Rowan Brown (Swansea University)
Modelling collective behaviour and hierarchical systems.
PhD Researcher. Co-supervised by Emily ShepardAdrian Luckman (Swansea University) and Justin O'Riain (University of Cape Town). 
Understanding and predicting baboon space use

PhD Researcher 
Co-supervised by Ines Fürtbauer and Rowan Brown (Swansea University)
Tracking and modelling of 'complex' biological systems
Andrew King 
Associate Professor, Group Leader 
Sociality, Heterogeneity, Organisation and Leadership

Lucy Lush
NERC Funded Postdoctoral Researcher
Terrestrial mammal ecology and behaviour 

PhD Researcher (Royal Veterinary College, London). 
Co-supervised by Andrew Spence (Temple University) and Andrea Manica (Cambridge).
Personality and social decision making in fish
Lisa O'Bryan
Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher (NJIT, USA)
Vocal communication and coordination

MRes student. Co-supervised by Ines Fürtbauer (Swansea University), Lisa O'Bryan and Simon Garnier (NJIT, USA)
Coordination and communication in complex social systems 
Swedish Research Council Research Fellow 
Collective behaviour

PhD Researcher. Primary supervisor Emily Shepard, co-supervised by Adrian Luckman (Swansea University)
Understanding vulture space-use from fine to regional scales