I am a labor economist with primary research interests in the economics of education.
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Research in Progress

Minimum wages and two-year college enrollment

Incentives and inputs in the education production function (with Daniel Jones)

Working Papers

A teacher who knows me: The academic benefits of repeat student-teacher matches (with Daniel Jones) [working paper]

Self-fulfilling prophecies in the classroom (with Daniel Jones) [working paper]

Paying for whose performance? Teacher incentive pay and the black-white achievement gap (with Daniel Jones[working paper]

Do teachers respond to individual-level performance pay programs? An evaluation of overall effects and gender differences (with Daniel Jones) [working paper]


Does partisan affiliation impact the distribution of spending? Evidence from state governments' expenditures on education (with Daniel Jones)
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 143, pages 58-77, November 2017 [link]

The positive influence of female college students on their male peers
    Labour Economics 44, pages 151-160, January 2017 [link]
    (Media coverage: Boston Globe)

State affirmative action bans and STEM degree completions
    Economics of Education Review 57, pages 31-40, April 2017 [link]
    (Media coverage: National Affairs)

The girl next door: The effect of opposite gender friends on high school achievement
    American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 7(3), pages 147-77, July 2015 [link]

The costs of failure: Negative externalities in high school course repetition 
    Economics of Education Review 43, pages 91-105, December 2014 [link]

Superstition in the housing market (with Nicole M. Fortin and Jeff Huang)
    Economic Inquiry 52(3), pages 974-993, July 2014 [working paper] [link]
    (Media coverage: Globe and MailMacLeansWall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Financial Post)

Industry structure and labor market flexibility in the South African manufacturing sector: A time series and panel data approach (with Johannes W. Fedderke)
    Economic Modelling 28(3), pages 1291-1302, May 2011 [link]