An Introduction to Legacy Exploration, Where the Company is Today

The oil and gas industry is in a very exploratory transition. New pipelines are testing the status of major oil companies over the next five to ten years. The overreliance on Saudi Arabian oil is causing a cultural backlash, and it is forcing American oil providers to innovate in new ways and adjust their systems to match the changing tide. It is a whole lot of fun, and highly lucrative. It seems that the most imperative angle is collaboration and cooperation. Some companies are doing it correct in every single way.

Welcome to Legacy Exploration

What does Legacy Exploration do? Their name suggests an empowering exploratory nature. The company brings investors to the table in a proactive way. They build drilling relationships with various entities so everyone benefits effectively. Large-scale drilling is expensive, and it is often met with political backlash. Legacy Exploration explores both of these facets. The company manages the PR angle in savvy ways, but it also helps facilitate the practical steps of joint drilling in a large forum. The company’s main pathos seems to be the collaboration between advanced technology and advanced companies. In all, the company confirms that all parties are pulling their weight financially and literally, and the collaboration works because of the non-bias arrangement of a mediator.

Who is Andrew Gautreaux?

Andrew Gautreaux

Andrew Gautreaux is the active CEO and president of Legacy Exploration. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. At his relatively young age, Andrew Gautreaux has collaborated with masterful geologists, engineers, and geophysicists in understanding the most productive way to obtain oil. In a business sense, he capitalized on the changing tide and helped direct Legacy Exploration to its new avenue of agreeable business collaboration. By the time he was in his last year of college, he already built an expansive network of collaborators with advanced degrees in the oil industry. His expertise and grasp of the technical aspects impressed many, and he was graduated to CEO within a short period of time.

Legacy Exploration is an overly ambitious company. They have seemingly pushed the boundaries of the oil industry by facilitating a way for two icons in the industry to gather resources and ask the important questions that need to be asked. Who is really winning out? Can togetherness win over the direct competition? Lastly, is the oil industry fundamentally shaken by cultural changes, and what do the current leaders do to stay on top of the evolving game?