Dr. Andrew Edward White

Freelance consulting: Consumer Research, Behavioral Economics, 
Social Influence, User Experience 

Senior Associate, ideas42 (ideas42.org)

User Experience Researcher, Arizona State University

I am passionate about finding data-driven solutions to real-world problems. In my six years of research experience I have cultivated a diverse set of tools to understand, predict, and nudge human behavior. 

I earned a Ph.D. in social psychology working with Dr. Robert Cialdini. My experience and perspective are largely grounded in the ideas publicized in his book, Influence, and the fascinating studies we have conducted together to better understand the psychology behind everyday decision-making.  

News & Updates: Catch up on recent findings in this piece I wrote for 
the New York Times, or browse my other works found under the publications tab.


Business & Professional Inquiries:  

email: AEWinquiries@gmail.com
phone: 212-913-9126