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Video: Listed are projects created for Clients, Employers, and College. 

Master Class with Christopher Gattelli (2015)

 Producer https://youtu.be/-aIfPqdWZEE

Chimes at Midnight (1965) Screening Introduction (2015)

 Producer https://youtu.be/9sw2_QfDVTo

Sustain San Diego (2014)

 Producer / Director https://youtu.be/kbjfxsDs_zs

The World Bank: Open Forum 2010

Associate Producer http://blogs.worldbank.org/meetings/open-forum

Trapeze School New York 2010

Videographer, Producer 

USCCB 2009-2011

Videographer, Producer http://www.youtube.com/USCCB

The Adventure Park, MD 2010

Videographer, Producer 



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Skilled with:

  • Canon XH-A1,
  • Sony PMW-EX1
  • XLR & Wireless Lavalier
  • Chroma Keying
  • Final Cut Pro