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4 - Troubleshooting

Breaking news

16/2/2013 - PPV360HD version prior to 1.1.2 has been discontinued

Please upgrade to the new 1.1.2 version.


One of the major problem about PPV360HD is that it uses everything you have on your tablet/smartphone:

  • use advanced 3d openGL graphics, with intensive GPU I/O for tiles texture
  • use all CPU cores available to speed up execution (multi-core programming)
  • use all kinetic sensors (accelerometer, compass, gyro, magnetic field, ect.).
  • sdcard, touch screen, wifi, http, ect.
  • RAM: it needs a lot of RAM!
  • support very old devices, from 2.0
PPV360HD is a cross-platform viewer and currently there are experimentals version that runs on iPhone/iPad iOS, Mac OSx and Windows platform. We hope to release public version very soon.

But Android developers (and so the Android version of PPV360HD) suffer for the fragmentation problem: the many versions of implementation makes really impossible to create an issue-free app. Version are different because:
  1. different manufactures have different hardware/firmware implementation
  2. Android is an open-source Operating System, and so many use their own version recompiling the source code
  3. Many manufactures customize GUI parts, insertings bugs and different behaviour in the system
  4. PPV360HD is not a simply GUI based app like many others, but you can think about it having the complexity of a 3d game (and, in essence, it's based on a 3d engine)

Some numbers: an inquiry of OpenSignal ( ) show that in the 2013 there are reported 11868 different type of Android devices; you can imagine what a difficult (impossible) task is to try manage different issues of each device.

Generally, please keep in mind that PPV360HD required a lot of memory and a good OpenGL implementation (developed by device manufacturer), and some devices could miss one or both of this conditions.

Before put a negative rating on the app, take a moment to let us know about the issue, 

We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

If you encounter a problem or strange behavior, please let us know using the in-mail functionality in PPV360HD (? menu, "improve" button).

What can I do when I'm facing an issue?

Remember about panic keys: press BACK buttons for times and app will always exit immidiatly.
  1. Read this page
  2. Read the 7 - FAQ
  3. Ask in the public FORUM or
  4. Send me an email: read more here

Current version - Known app issues

This list reports already known bugs, that will be fixed in the next releases.
If you fall in this list, please send me info about your device: manufacturer, model and android OS version using in-mail functionality in the app.

PPV360HD doesn't start (crash on startup)

If you have problems launching the app (app doesn't start, crash displaying anything ,ect.), please try the following steps:

  1. Make sure you've the latest PPV360HD software version (check Google Play Store updates)
  2. App doesn't multitask properly, so use a task killer to kill the app if it's freezed in the background
  3. Try resetting the device (shut down the device and then turn on)
  4. Sd card issues (where the folder MPGLGE exists): 
    1. Check if directory sdcard/MPGLGE exists
    2. Check if MPGLGE folder is accessible and not write-protected
    3. Check if there is free space
  5. On some device (generally tablets), try start app in landscape enabling the auto-rotation feature and display orientation (this should be fixed in 1.1.1 version)
  6. try to reset the app by deleting sdcard/MPGLGE//PV360HD-?? (WARNING: all images info will be lost, the original images will still be in MPGLGE/PPV360IMGS)
  7. try to manually activate crash reporting, it will report me some info about the issue:
    1. create a file sdcard/MPGLGE/dbg.txt
    2. the app, during starting, checks the presence of that file and activate the crash reporting functionality
  8. If you cannot still run the app, try to reinstall the app (note that all original jpeg images (only that downloaded directly from the app) would be found in the MPGLGE\PPV360IMGS and there's no need to remove them.)
    1. remove the MPGLGE\PPV360HD-?? directory(PPV360HD-P? for Professional, PPV360HD-D? for Demo version) located in your local memory (internal memory or sdcard)
    2. connect the device to internet, with a fast connection: in this way PPV360HD could download graphic resources optimized for the display resolution of your device
    3. start PPV360HD again: it will reload all resources needed to run
  9. If you reach this point and don't fix the issue, please send me a note with info about your device.

"More options" bug

Dialog may hang changing image projection.

Bug in jpeg read library

Some jpeg cannot be loaded, generally small-sized ones. 
A generic "jpeg corrupted?" is displayed.
We're addressing this issue and a new release will be available soon.
JPeg progressive images are not supported by PPV360HD, so use some image elaboration software (like GIMP) to save jpeg into a non-progressive type, and try to reload on PPV again.

App doesn't start anymore but smartphone seems to "freeze"

Really isn't so: app starts but is stuble in a waiting state.
Please remove all .cdf files in the MPGLGE directory, and then start the app again.

White Globe

On some devices, the 3d world-logo image is showed white. 

Seems to be a device-related issue. 

Please let us know your device model and brand.

FireFox unsupported

Firefox App doesn't start PPV360HD on jpeg/xmlppv file touch. 

More than a bug of PPV360HD is an incompatibility of FireFox with the Android system.

Panoramas cannot be viewed until a dialog will be shown

Some users reported that panorama images cannot be viewed until a dialog will put in front. This behaviour are still under investigation, ad appears to be related to the fragmentation problem of the Android platform: many manufactures change some basic UI elements broking the android code that PPV360HD is based on. So it's very hard to understand what the real issue is under the hood.

PPV360HD doesn't Multitask properly

Due to the high RAM consumption (used for opengl texture images) it's not an easy task to enter and exit from the background. 

If you exit without the BACK button, the app may still remains frozen in the background. 

If you then lunch it again, probably PPV360HD will crash.

You may use some task manager to Kill PPV360HD and then restart it.

Please exit with the BACK key. We're working about this.

Some jpeg images cannot be load

> PPV360HD cannot handle correctly progressive jpeg. 
So please use your image editor and re-compress the image turning off this option.
This issue will be fixed in the next 1.1.3 version.
[Thank you Michael Schmitz for investigate this issue]

> Check if jpeg is a standard jpeg 24bit. 
Currently I'm using libjpeg implementation, and I found in one case a jpeg image that could not be opened on Android, but the same can be open correctly on Windows. So it seems a platform related issue in our implementation.

We've made a fix for this issue. It will be released in the next 1.1.3 version.

PPV360HD gets stuck showing "Checking local UI resources"

When app starts for the first time, it needs to download GUI resources (menu, icons, etc) optimized for your device display resolution and DPI. 
Generally, when you download and install an app it contains all GUI elements for all display resolution, with a waste of internal device storage, bandwidth and mobile data plan.

PPV360HD take in count of this and, after installation, detect your device display resolution and download only the GUI optimized for your display.

After that, no further internet connection is required.

Sometimes, due to high site traffic (or your slow internet connection), resources cannot be downloaded and PPV360HD show you a message:

Read this section

How to resolve?

  1. Simply check that internet connection is working fine and retry many times (and make a try with a fast internet connection).
  2. try to exit and restart app
Please try this procedure more and more times, the slow download could depend on many factors.

PPV360HD hangs during image viewing

When you browse a pano images, PPV360HD continuously reads data from storage to make possible a very high quality viewing experience. Doing so, memory could be not enough and, before PPV360HD recognises a Low Memory Condition and takes the appropriate actions, Android OS decides, without any advice, to kill the app. And you will see the app closing unexpectedly.

To avoid this situation PPV360HD use an advanced component called "Smart RAM Manager", but something can go wrong. You can always monitor an index showing the probability of an imminent crash in the upper left corner of the display, with colored bars indicating the overall app status.
This index is called "Stress Index" and when it's becomes too low (colored orange and red), a crash is imminent.
Generally the bar tends to grow after few seconds, retrieving its normal aspect (green).

Enable sending anonymous information. In this way, we will be advised about these errors.

Usually crashes derived from OpenGL MEMORY related problems, or on low memory conditions.
Try the following settings to use few memory:
  • Turn off "Enable 24Bit Bitmap (R8G8B8)" - quality will be a little worst, but save 30% of RAM
  • Turn off "Disable Smart RAM Manager"
  • Turn on "Send Debug Info and Stats", to let we know about the issue
  • Turn on "GPU Force Low Memory Usage"

Cannot use Kinetic sensor real-time orientation

PPV360HD can rotate automatically the camera viewing with the orientation of the device: this effect simulates the situation when you're in the place where the pano has taken and show the panorama on the device display with the camera activated.
To do that, PPV360HD uses all movements sensors available on your device, but the browsing experience (speed, precision, smooth) can differ depending of the sensors type and their quality.

To activate the kinetic sensor orientation, double tap on the image (or logo) and the kinetic will be activated.


Cannot download images in my smartphone/tablet

Check if exist:
  • MPGLGE/PPV360HD-P? (? is a version number) directory exist on your sd-card.
  • MPGLGE/PPV360HD-P?/PPV360IMGS exist, where the images will be stored
Try to download this sampling image:

you have two ways to do this:
  1. directly click on this link in your phone browser and select PPV360HD for opening from the list that will appear

  2. copy the file URL, open PPV360HD, click on Image Icon and select "load from URL", then paste the URL

First-Time Image loading is very slow

One of the difficulty in developing PPV360HD is to obtain good performance from embedded devices that could be so different, in terms of memory size and CPU power.
When an image is loaded for the first time, PPV360HD create a multires tiled version best suited for your device using an 
advanced multi-threading creation algorithm that can take advantage of multi-core CPU, if available. So this may e slow, depend on the size of the image and your device capabilities.

After first time pre-processing, the image will be found in the Private Gallery, for further opening.

For subsequent views, this pre-processing step is not needed so the opening can be very fast.

However, performance may vary depending on sdcard write/read speed, from different devices and can be different for the same device from different branding.

In the following table I summarize some performance.

 Device Model/Type Image size
First Loading
Second loading
Asus Trasformer TF201

NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 Quad-core CPU, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean

529.8 MPixel
97.3 MBytes


 6 seconds
100 MPixel 
24.2 MBytes

Samsung Galaxy S-II

GT-I9100, Android 2.3.5, Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9

529.8 MPixel 
97.3 MBytes

3 seconds
100 MPixel  
24.2 MBytes


These times do not consider the download time, which depends on the type of internet connection available and may vary on the same device, depending of device free memory, sdcard read/write speed, other active device services, and so on..

PPV360HD crashes on downloading image from internet

Check for enough free space on your sdcard, where the folder MPGLGE/PPV360HD-P? exists.


Device Compatibility Table

Following is a list of known device and their compatibility status with PPV360HD

ManufacturerModelAndroid OSStatus
ASUSTF201 (Prime)4.1.1No issue reported.

TF201 (Prime)4.0.3No issue reported.
SAMSUNGGalaxy S-II2.3.5No issue reported.
No issue reported
(the first Android phone)
G1 (T-Mobile)CyanogenMod 6.1.1Run, but can open only small size images for small memory reason

If your device doesn't appear in this table, send me an email.

How to report us a bug and help to fix the issue

If you experience any problems, please send us an email to reporting:
  1. Describe the issue: what happens (blue screen, it closes immediately during startup)
  2. Send us config file: attach the two files  cas.dat and PPV360-P6.ini that you could found in MPGLGE/PPV360HD-P?/ , they could help us in understanding what's going on your specific device.
  3. Send us device info: after opening a panorama image, use a special option to report us deep information about your android device by email (no private data are disclosed, you can actually see what's kind of information will be sent to us). Press ? action bar menu,  than "improve" button).
  4. Currently is quite difficult to fix a specific-device related issue. We're developing a beta (very slow) version of PPV with many checking and logging functionalities, to let as remotely understand what's going under the hood: it's the only way to try to fix something.

PPV360HD Issue Forum