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1 - Introduction

Welcome to PPV 360 home site.

PPV360HD is an Android and Windows Desktop application designed to view 360-degree panoramic photo with equirectangular or cylindrical projection, at very hi-res resolution.

The Android version can be executed on all smartphone or tablet with OS Android version from 2.0.

It's a Professional quality viewer: the main feature is the ability to open every jpeg image up to 65000x35000 (2.27 Giga Pixel) resolution using a technology similar to Google Maps that allows you to display multiple levels of zoom.

The software is implemented with a very fast rendering engine, called MPGLGE, written in C++ and openGL ES 1.0. More information can be found at the bottom of this page.

PPV360HD is publicly available only for Android OS (the others will be released later). 
There are two versions of the software:
  • a free DEMO version, used to evaluate the app and with some built-in limitations
  • a PRO version, avaliable on google play

Click 5 - Download and Install to download the app from your device browser.

The main features of PPV360HD are
  • Support spherical(equirectangular) and cylindrical images format, with full 360 or custom degree
  • Handle jpeg image and resolution up to 2.27GPixel, 65000x35000 (it's a jpeg format limitation)
  • Handle directly jpeg image, without the need of third-party tools or PC pre-processing
  • amazing full-screen view with incredible zoom and smooth

Features [PRO Version]

  • Supported format
    • spherical (equirectangular) and cylindrical images format
    • 360 or semi-panoramic (with wide angle minor to 360, like 180 or whatever you want)
  • Ultra Hi-Res on a mobile device: open every jpeg image up to 65000x35000 (2.27 Gigapixel pano) resolution using a technology similar to Google Maps that allows viewing multiple zoom levels (multires pano)
  • Easy for non expert user: make multires tiles and view panorama in one app, with a touch, without use of external tools and in a very easy way!
  • Responsive
    • can pan and pinch to zoom very smooth
    • use of openGL 3d C++ fast engine to render images
  • To speed-up image loading and visualization takes advantages of all CPU cores available
  • Kinetic rotation: use your device like a cam, turn around and be there! It uses generic compass sensor and can take advantage of the new sensor fusion technology (if available on the device). Simply drag pano with multitouch, then make a single touch (like a click) over the image the enabling Kinetic Rotation again.
  • Fast Open: Open images already seen in seconds , even 100MB sized- 2.27 gigapixel!  On Galaxy S-II, re-open a 485 MegaPixel image in 5 seconds!! A 50 MegaPixel (10000x5000) pano can be opened almost instantly!
  • Fine integration with Android OS: download and view jpeg pano images from Browser, File Manager, Email, Dropbox, etc.. with a touch
  • Sharing functionality: 
    • xml-based: if the jpeg image is already available on internet (for example, using permalink in dropbox), you can share easy with your friend sending a very small file (they must have PPV360HD installed on their devices)
    • Basic Sharing screenshots functionality
  • View your local image files and xmlppv from 
    • all local storage (USB/internal-external sd-card)
      • with SMART sort: take the first number in the filename and sort by it, if available (from 1.1.1)
      • last used folder (from 1.1.1)
    • internet URL
    • from a Public Gallery, a collection of free-avaliable 360 photo from internet
    • from a Private Gallery of user loaded pano images.
    • from PPV360HD online internet page with pano links
  • Tagging functionality: insert comments with pushpins
  • Organize your favorite images in the Private Gallery
  • Optimized for smartphone and tablet 
  • Very minimal and clean design
  • Animated real-time pano parameters controls
  • Full settings controls to tune performance on your Android device.
  • CFG-PROTECTOR technology: backup your config file to prevent lost due to sdcard failure
  • Smart RAM Manager: avoid crash due to low memory condition (experimental)
  • Remote Config Change: fix Android Fragmentation issue by remote configuration parameters
  • Very fast:
    • Written all in C++/native to run as fast as possible
    • Adaptive Multithreading Algorithms to speed-up image loading and visualization: use all CPU cores available
    • Open GL ES 1.0 3d graphic engine

Additional features:
  • Preview mode: see 360-photo at low resolution during image preprocessing
  • Thumbnail-based Public/Private Gallery
  • The Private Gallery can store up to 100 panoramic photos [only PRO version]
  • Auto calibration of cylindrical images
  • Real-time horizontal/vertical flip and view settings changing (FOV, start and final vertical angles)
  • pinch zoom (only Androd >=2.2)
  • Auto scroll functionality with fine speed tuning calculated based on edge distance
  • Inerzia scrolling

  • All android device from 2.0 and above, 
  • OpenGL Es 1.0 and above
  • sdcard to store app data
  • Test App Memory requirements with the Demo version

(*1) Performance may be different due to device model, status and sd-card speed. 
(*2) The original jpeg image must be available on-line in order to share with xml-based files.

Try IT for free!

View a pano on your device has never been so easy: give it a equirectangular or cylindrical jpeg image and PPV360HD will do all the stuff to make a very responsive and smooth view of the photo!
With the use of kinetic sensors you will see like a window in another world!

  • No third-part software is needed! 
  • No tiles generator, nothing else: PPV360HD have all the logic and optimization to show you your personal, local images in the better way ever!

Install the DEMO version, give it a try browsing online Public Gallery.

Demo Version Restrictions

The DEMO version has the following restrictions:
  • You can only open images with a resolution up to 50 MPixel:
  • images is opened but viewed at low resolution (not full 50MPixel)
  • Images available in public gallery don't have these limitations, and can be viewed at full resolution.
  • Private Gallery: can store up to 2 of your photo. To view one more image, you must make free space deleting one of them. In the PRO version, the Gallery can store up to 100 photos.
  • Zooming and photo resolution: you can zoom images but only in the PRO version you can view your images at full resolution.
  • Tagging: you can add up to 3 tags but they will not be saved on storage.
  • The Public Gallery have some huge panoramic photo freely available on internet (up to 530MPixel) so you can test application performance and compatibility of your device.

The set of functionality exposed in the DEMO version may change in the future.

System Requirements

Android platform specifications:
  • fully compatible with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean
  • Need an sdcard or internal storage
  • Android 2.0 (API 5) devices (smartphones and tablets) or newer
    • remember that Andorid version prior to 2.2 has not multitouch support
  • Supports all OpenGL ES 1.x devices
  • Panoramic images handled by this app may be vary huge (100MB and more), so a fast internet connection is recommended. Please pay attention to your data plan.
  • Memory Requirement may vary, and depend on the device and the image viewed. Test your device with the public images in the DEMO version.
  • PPV360HD requires fast CPU, RAM and 3d acceleration by a GPU.

Please note
On some devices you may experience hangs due to low graphic memory, a graphic driver bugs or an incompatibility with the device (99% of the times).
Please try the demo version first, to check compatibility with your specific device, viewing some images in the public gallery.

Generally, when your device has an hardware incompatibility issue, the app refuses to start. 
Please let us know sending a note  with your device brand, model and Android version, will try to make a turn-around, if possible.

"Fragmentation" problem is a very well known issue in the Android universe (with more than 1600+ different devices around the world), and PPV360HD is a very complex app: uses GPU, multi-thread, sensors, eats RAM like an hungry, etc.. 

If you do not know what I'm talking about, read this from PC Mag:

(with Jelly Bean things go a little better)

If something goes wrong, go to 7 - FAQ and 4 - Troubleshooting pages.

Where are other versions for Mac, iOS, Windows?

We're working to release a specific version of PPV360HD in the near future. Be patience and stay tuned :)

If you're interested in a Virtual Tour app on these platform too, please contact us.

Download and Install