[Project07-Solid Modeling Assignment 7]

[March 25]


This assignment taught us how design engineering works.

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    1            Introduction. 3

    2            Problem definition / Problem statement. 3

    3            Results. 3

3.1         Research. 4

3.2         My Proposed Redesign. 5

3.3         The Original Product. 6

3.4         The Redesign. 9

    4            Discussion. 14

    5            Conclusion. 14

    6            References. 14





1         Introduction

This project had two parts to it, the first being an analytical stage where we analyzed different products, and then we decided which one we wanted to redesign and model.  It was a good introduction into the real world of engineering, where this sort of thing happens every day.

2         Problem definition / Problem statement

Our task for this project was to analyze a product and then redesign it and model it.

3         Results

Phase one was the investigation and redesign stage of this project.  I got to examine many products in my home that I had not seen in years.  And phase two gave me the chance to take one of those products and redesign it. 









3.1       Research


Product Description


Pictures of Product



Product Flaw Pictures



Flaw Description


This product is a computer joystick. It is designed to play computer games, particular those consisting of planes


This product, while it is somewhat old, is much larger than it needs to be. In trying to use it in recent years, it has been difficult to fit the product onto my desk to use it.


This product is a battery powered plane. It is designed to fly, up 1000 ft. using a battery powered motor


This product is not put together very well. There are many things that could have been done to make the durability of this product much greater than it is. Its wings are attached with rubber bands, and its tail is not attached very well at all.


This product is a lawn sprinkler. It is designed to attach to your hose and water your lawn.


The adjustment setting for this sprinkler is very susceptible to breaking. My family has had four of these sprinklers, and on three out of the four, this piece has been broken.



3.2       My Proposed Redesign

My new design of the joystick is to simply make it smaller. The buttons that are on the portion that I will be getting rid of will move to the side of the new design. I will also take the plug end and change it to a USB plug.


I will take the wings and make them a bit longer to increase lift. I will also change the way they are attached. I will also take the tail attachment and change the way that it is attached. I will also take the engine from the front of the aircraft and move it more towards the middle of it, to prevent it from nose-diving.


On the sprinkler, I will take the adjustment dial and move it from the outside of the sprinkler, to the inside of the housing unit. This will prevent it from being damaged.



3.3       The Original Product

I chose the plane to model because I thought it would be interesting to redesign.  It was difficult, but I learned a lot about what Pro/E can do for you while you are modeling.  Here are the pictures of my original part.

This Figure shows a model of the original product.


This figure shows the belly of the plane.







These figures show the original part in an exploded view, allowing you to see the different parts.



This shows a rendered figure of the original product.


This is the Bill of Materials (BOM) of the original part



3.4       The Redesign

After the original product was finished, it was time to model my proposed redesign.  I did not change a whole lot of the toy plane, but I changed the position of the wings and also that of the engine.  The reason I chose to change these two things is because in my experience with the product, these are what caused it to fail.


                                                                                         These Figures show the redesigned plane


This Figure Shows an Exploded view of the plane


This is another Exploded view of the plane.


These figures above are the 2-d Drawings that I completed for the plane.





And finally this is a rendered view of the final product that I modeled.


The following videos are animations that I created for this project to illustrate how this product was put together.  The first Video does not contain any rendering, while the second one has been rendered.


YouTube Video

YouTube Video





4         Discussion

Some parts of this product were very difficult to model.  It was tough to keep all the dimensions in line, mainly because I had to cut apart the plane in order to get at the inside of it so I could model that.  However, using the assembly mode to help me maintain all the dimensions I was able to get everything to match up the way it was supposed to.

5         Conclusion

This was a very difficult, yet very interesting project.  Examining products and thinking about how I would design them is something I do on a daily basis, but it was nice to be able to put that into practice.

6         References

1)      Online tutorials available on UBlearns MAE377 page.

2)      My basement

3)      My garage

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