As a Cal Poly Computer Engineering professor, I am tasked with teaching a broad range of courses at the master's and advanced undergraduate levels. These courses include real-time embedded systems, (P)SoC design, processor microarchitecture, hardware security, robotics, and advanced digital design. To keep these course offerings relevant, I have tried to maintain some level of research participation in each of these areas. To that end, I have advised a huge variety of senior and master's projects in a number of distinct areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

More recently, I have b

Archived Research Projects:

During my years at Stanford I have largely focused on questions of digital design methodologies. I have spent some time researching trends in processor energy consumption, and trying to figure out how the design industry can best cope with the looming problem of "Dark Silicon." As a member of Mark Horowitz's VLSI Group, I have also worked on methodologies to raise the level of abstraction for digital designs, with the ultimate goal of bringing down the engineering costs associated with designing a custom digital chip.


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