Real-Time Embedded Systems

This page contains the companion materials for the course discussed in "Leveraging New Platforms to Provide Students with a Realistic SoC Design Experience," Proceedings of the 2016 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition.

Lab Assignments

Lab 1: RTOSandYou.pdf

Lab 2: Lab2Blinky.pdf

Lab 3: Lab3Blinkenlights.pdf

Lab 4: Lab4SomeVerilog.pdf

Support Videos

Video 1: Boot Zybo from SD Card

Student submitted tutorials

Tutorial 1: Creating and Packaging IP

Tutorial 2: Using the XADC

Tutorial 3: Using interrupts with GPIO

Tutorial 4: HDMI-to-VGA tutorial

Tutorial 5: SPI Tutorial

Tutorial 6: Zybot Chassis

Tutorial 7: XADC in Hardware Tutorial

Tutorial 8: Configuring the Audio Codec

Tutorial 9: Connecting a Go Pro via HDMI

Tutorial 10: Booting from the Zybo's QSPI Flash

Tutorial 11: Loading and Saving with the SD card

Course Evaluations

Spring 2015 Course Evaluations


  • Audio DSP with web interface
  • Zybot 2000 Autonomous Robot
  • Digital Guitar Effects Switch
  • Self-Braking RC car
  • Ultra-sonic car counting system
  • Smart rifle target
  • Automatic Nerf turret
  • Laser dot tracking in image
  • "Presenter's Assistant"-Comparing presented image with source image to auto-adjust presentation size, keystone, etc.
  • Video source format converter
  • Voice disguiser
  • LED Music Visualizer
  • Oscilloscope
  • Zilog implementation
  • Remote control video scrambler/remixer