Stanford Community Associate Program

A picture of the CA team for the 2011-2012 academic year

The Stanford Community Associate program is designed to encourage community building and mental-health and well-being among students in graduate housing. The program achieves these goals by organizing social events, study breaks, educational activities, and other programming for residents. All CAs also receive training in interpersonal conflict resolution, suicide recognition and prevention, handling domestic abuse and sexual harassment and assault issues, and fire safety training. CAs act as a first point of contact for solving students conflicts, and for recognizing at risk students and referring them to appropriate on campus resources for help.I spent two years as a CA in Rains Graduate Residences. During my first year, I was a "neighborhood CA," responsible for developing programming and performing CA tasks for a neighborhood of 5 buildings. Through this experience, I really got to know a lot of the residents in my area. While I wasn't able to get all of my residents come out to events, I feel that I still helped a good number of my residents achieve a better work life balance.

During my second year, I was one of two "Head CAs." In this position, I helped to oversee and manage the Rains CA program. My co-Head CA and I set policies for use of CA resources and set expectations for events run by neighborhood CAs. We also planned and oversaw all of the major Rains-wide or grad-wide events, such as the "Rains Welcome Back BBQ," and our annual "Rains Halloween Party." As heads of the Rains CA program, we also worked directly with a Graduate Life Office Dean to ensure that our program adequately met student needs while operating within the bounds of Stanford policies. My favorite thing about being a Head CA, though, was working with the 19 other Rains CAs. I was constantly impressed by the dedication shown by our CAs and the quality of programming that they developed. Their initiative and positive attitude made "overseeing" the CA program a great experience.