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GT Academy 2012, get the perfect start

I can't beat them to the finish line yet, but I can beat the top ranked drivers (1:31s) through the first corner. This is how they "jump" the start so fast on level 8-5 Motegi Twin Rings TT qualifying lap:

1) [CONTENTIOUS] As soon as the start bell rings, stay in second, and do some full throttle swerving, slipping out the rear a bunch of times before the corner into the start straight. This warms up your rear tyres a fair bit and your fronts a little. Burn it up if you like. This won´t help the start speed, but it will give you smoother slide/drift handling later in the 2nd corner (less dramatic breakaway, more controllable transitions to drift when on the edge), and may improve your lap times if your driving style benefits from a little drift in several places in the lap. It doesn´t impact linear accel/decel, and doesn´t give the car less lateral grip, but it makes lateral slides more smooth/handle-able when necessary. If it doesn´t suit your style, skip this step and head to the next.

2) Drop down to FIRST GEAR before the first corner into the start straight, and keep the revs in mid region. (If you´re not a quick gear changer, use second - but then you´ll have to approach the same turn-in point in step 3) a little faster and very precisely, but you can still achieve 101+ mph over the start/finish line, level with the fastest ghost drivers).

3) Go to the back left of the first corner, past the first "obvious" set of skid marks to the second less prominent skid marks, sweeping towards them along the far left edge of the track (see picture).

4) At the second set of skid marks, while still moving slowly at mid RPM and as far left on the track as possible, turn sharply right and then max acceleration without wheelspin as you open up the steering... GO GO GOOOOooooo!!!! You should initially turn hard enough as you hit the throttle to just touch the right wheel on the blue and white rumble strip on the right side as you are straightening up. This gives you the longest possible accelerating run-up to the start line so you can cross it at highest speed (102 mph).

5) Do not hit the rev limiter!! Watch the RPM more closely than the road! Do not lose the rear end in the turn-in, bring on the gas smoooothly!! Make the turn-in fast, but as you accelerate, there´s no need to fully line up the end of the straight immediately after you touch the right side rumble strip - do it gradually after that.

This can all be done fast and smoothly, and in first gear does not require much precision. After several attempts it will become your natural TT qualifying lap start to set you off level with the ghosts.

a) I am turning as I gas it (but opening up the curve), so I´m careful to bring it up in first gear without losing the rear.
b) You must use manual transmission (MT) for the best starts.
c) Change gears HALF A TICK MARK into the RED.
d) I like to use the above view so I can get through the first set of curves as close as possible to the cones without touching them (this is the key to the entire lap). The default view doesn't give you a feel for where the edges of the vehicle are, and the in-car views are not centered to the vehicle so I kept hitting cones on the left side. But after habituating to the best turn/brake points, it´s probably good to try switching back to the default view to see if you´re faster with that view.
e) I have usually achieved my best time improvements on the first and/or second laps, but always using this launch procedure. Anything more than 3 or 4 laps, the tyres start getting too slippery! Give it all you can on the first lap, if you´re far behind then bail and try again from scratch. If you think you can catch your ghost, keep going! But if you get near the end of the lap and are a little behind your best time, just slow down before you start your second lap and roll in to line it up as described above. That way you can try a lap with your tyres "hot" on their second lap, in addition to getting the perfect launch, which makes you faster accross the start line than maintaining the racing line would. A "hot-tyre second lap" and this launch procedure may be the combination that gets you a little improvement as any slip/drift gets a little smoother to handle with the hotter tyres (less sudden break-aways).
f) The turn 4/5 chicane is key to the lap, you have to get it mm perfect to miss the cones on turn-in and drive through straight as you can, full throttle. Shifting into 4th early helps with vehicle balance, but go in fast and get the revs up high as you can in 3rd beforehand. If you miss it, you´ll be 4 or 5 lengths behind the ghosts in the straight so you might as well restart.
g) Car settings: MT, ABS=1, Driving line=on, TCS & ASM=off, Active Steering=off.


Description: PS3 GT Academy 2012 secret tips to maximise start velocity on Motegi Twin Rings TT qualifying lap.